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TDS [020] – John Cena, Randy Orton, and the Idiocy on Fans

It has come to my attention that I am a fourty-year old dousche bag that does nothing but complain about the current state of the WWE when it so obviously panders to kids. This particular jackass goes by John. In fact here is his full comments on my review to Raw.

“You’re just a complete idiot!!!!

you gotta understand this:

RAw is programed towards children

not 40 year old idiots like you,

NWO is dead you moron!!!

stop watching it if it makes you that angry…its not for you anymore its for children


Every now and again, I get a few people that comment just to annoy. This guy is obviously one of them.  I’m not here to tell you all how big of a jackass this particular guy is. I am just here to settle some claims about myself and let you all in on my story. In addition, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what this guy had to say. Did I take it the wrong way? Is this guy actually a genius? Or is he a retard who seriously needs to think before he speaks.

Most of my faithful readers know this, but I am a man of the age of 18. I am not some 40-year-old person. What is funny is this guy actually claimed to be a long-time reader of mine in another idiotic e-mail he sent my way. If he were a long-time reader, he would have seen my claims of not being that old of a fan in my recent statement regarding Macho Man’s death.

I truly started watching WWE back in 2003 shortly after WrestleMania (so that throws out the idea of me being a NOW fanatic). Back then, the business was in a bit of a stalemate while trying to re-invent the Attitude Era. Triple H played the heel that always got the best of you, while there wasn’t a true face of the business like there is today with John Cena. It was a time where I still believed wrestling was real, and was horrified of the terrifying Kane without the mask. Goldberg was my hero, and when Randy Orton turned face and won the World Heavyweight Championship he quickly ascended to my all-time favorite. That proceeding four-week reign was one that many called boring and just not good. Meanwhile I was glued to the TV and loved every moment of it.

A couple years went and I slowly waned away from being a fan. Everytime I came back, though, I was the biggest John Cena fan out there. I loved his act through his first three years of being on top of the business. I would even argue that the summer of 2007 feuds John had were some of the best television I’ve seen while being a fan. It was smack-dab in the middle of his year-long reign and he was involved with very fresh feuds of all likes between Mick Foley, Bobby Lashley, etc.

Here in 2011, though, his act has become very stale, and while he is now a ten-time WWE Champion he has certainly met the Legend status. I enjoy seeing him involved in storylines not revolving around a World Championship. His status could benefit the WWE in the long run if he was out making new stars. That’s why I have been a huge advocate against him winning it from Miz last month. I’ve seen it countless times over the last six years, I just don’t want to see him on top anymore.

While the WWE may be in a current PG state, there’s no doubting that it’s nearing its end. John is the face of the company to those kids, but you are stupid if you don’t think those child chants at every event are getting littler and littler.

WWE fucked up big time last year with Randall. He was the guy that was going to take us into the PG-13 era. He was the newest version of Stone Cold. The they decided to turn him into John Cena Jr. and you can tell how quickly all the fans have turned on him, barring those pesky children.

That last point I want to bring up is that I clearly stated that I was in a pissy mood from things besides WWE. It wasn’t the show that pissed me off.

If there is only one thing you get out of this column it’s that we as a society really need to think before we speak. To many times do I see people out there talking shit and tearing things apart without false facts. In reality, all we have to do is go out and find those easy to find facts. The IWC is always the biggest offender of this. I, myself break the rule from time-to-time. It’s a face we all have to overcome. Just remember Dr. Sparty’s message today. We can all do better!

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  • Dave in Providence

    I don’t hold to the PG era being bad…untill about 1997ish all TV was PG the things on TV nowadays would of been PG-13 or even R rated if it were movies and would of never been on broadcast televison.As for Wrestling it’s the same thing WWF?WWE was always TV PG untill the attitude era came along.Wrestling did fine on TV untill the early 90’s when the product went stale.I belive what WWE is trying to do is what they did w/my age group…I was 9 when Wrestlemaina 1 came along and threwout the 80’s and early 90’s it was fine untill I hit about 13 or so and found the cartoony characters to just be plain silly then aroud 96/97 when I was around 21 they started to get edgier because all the kids they got as fans in the 80’s were now young adult gen-x’ers who had stopped watching and thus the attitude era was born and dragged us all back in w/a TV-14/MA type product.I feel the WWE is is trying to re-boot itself w/the kids of today and a few yrs from now when all the Cena loving 11 yr olds are 17 and they stop watching the WWE will start to get more edgier again.Of course the whole business has changed whereas Wrestlers used to not have scripts for promo’s they now have everything written out like a movie script.I belive it’s a combo of the reboot geared towards younger fans and the change in production of the business as a whole.As far as that guy who wrote the emails bitching at you you have to remember 1 thing as a writer…hell just as a human there are assholes everywhere and more often then not people will voice the’re displeasure with something more often then someone who agrees you just gotta have thick skin and ignore the idiots,remember not everyone who disagreees w/.you is a dick just the morons who can’t type a well thoughtout argument

  • ingrid

    Who cares wat u think WWE IS FOR AYONE IDIOTS

  • erik

    My thing is wwe is doing nothing good. when it comes to pushing young stars to fulltime main eventers. they have swagger or shemeus win belt for 2 momths. I wonder if old vince knows how to make big stars anymore?

  • Jerky

    Not being funny mate, but you really need to spell check before you publish… I noticed a few spelling and grammatical errors. It takes away from your content because the errors make you seem a bit simple. I have also noticed this in a lot of your other columns. I expect a writing column to be in good English. Maybe I have high standards, but it’s not very professional, especially if you run a magazine… I dread to think about what errors could be in there…
    I’m just sayin’…

  • muh boy

    whats a buth and why am i that? and i didnt say adults couldnt enjoy it

  • Bcvs

    Your retaliation towards that comment poster lacked punch mate.

    It just looked like just a rookie posting crap but you already know that.* Gives the dil Ruo wink *

  • Matt

    Just because it IS for children, it doesn’t mean that it SHOULD be for children.

  • dawn

    hi it is not only for kids but it is for aults too so get you funking head right you fat funking buth

  • muh boy

    wwe IS for children

  • Hunter

    Randy Orton was the most enjoyable to watch a few years back, but this whole smiling and shaking hands with people just doesn’t wash with me.

    The E needs to do something drastic- At different points over the year both RO and Cena need to seriously be considered for heel turns, even if the plan were to turn one face a short while. As it stands the product is bland, it feels like we are currently watching the same character on 2 different shows.

    We also need a heel who cheats to win every match. Imagine Orton-Christian(heel), with Randy just not being able to beat him due to Captain Charisma being too smart for him week in week out. Thats why the original PG era worked- you had your top baby faces and the rest were heels who would do anything to win- a big part of it was also the role of managers which they are reportedly keen on bringing back.

    It’s going to take and overhaul, but we can’t deny that it’s needed.