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TE Contestant Calls Out Steve Austin, Nash Comments on Hall, DVD’s Pulled in the UK

– For some reason, WWE’s European DVD distributor Silvervision was forced to remove the listings for WrestleMania 28, WWE’s Clash of the Champions DVD and the ECW Unreleased Volume 1. They wrote:

“Unfortunately we have had to remove WrestleMania 28, The Best of WCW Clash of the Champions and ECW Unreleased Vol 1 from the website for the time being. At this point I have no more information and should you require a refund then please contact customer services on or 020 8292 4875. We apologise for any inconvenience”

– Former WWE Tough Enough contestant AJ Kirsch posted the following video on YouTube saying he will make sure he sees TE trainers Steve Austin and Bill DeMott at the Cauliflower Alley Club event in Las Vegas next week.

Austin replied to the video:

“damn right you will. I may turn your little lights out at the event. #ToughEnough”

– More comments from Kevin Nash about Scott Hall’s recent troubles:

“I love Scott as much as anyone on this planet.those that think I turn my back I have been there since 92.I understand what addiction is.”

  • lazlo woodbine

    I overcame addition at a young age too. Long division was a lot tougher.

  • Gorilla

    Im alot younger then hall and i overcame addition its time you grow up hall your embarrassment to wrestling and your family and truth hurts you supposed be strong grab your balls see if there still there and man the fuck up #nomorefeelingsorry4HALL

  • Seth

    On the first take, he talked at a normal level. But that woke up his parents, who told him to go to bed.