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Team 3D Event Still On, More from Kurt Angle’s Wife, Jeff Jarrett to Japan, TNA In Cincinnati

– The Cincinnati Gardens in Cincinnati, Ohio has announced that TNA will be holding an Impact Wrestling taping there on November 7th at 7pm.

– Jeff Jarrett will be appearing at The Great Muta’s Wrestle-1 event in Tokyo, Japan on October 6th. The promotion had their first show over the weekend.

– Despite what Kurt Angle’s wife tweeted over the weekend, the Team 3D Wrestling Academy event to fight cancer is still on for September 14th at the Melbourne Auditorium in Melbourne, Florida. All previously mentioned talent will be appearing except for Angle.

Angle’s wife posted a follow-up on Twitter this morning:

“LOL didn’t realize everyone has nothing better to do than to keep update reports about me when serious news does exits! and I know EVERYONE will agree with me on that one. I made a statement so everyone knows my husband is doing what he is supposed to be doing. Which is healing. Not jumping back to work, or doing events, and so on. But of course. Take what I say go crazy with it because as I said.. Y’all have nothing better to do.”

  • bettyboop

    i agree Kurt Angles Wife does sound like a stuck up bitch let alone too young and immature to be married to Kurt Angle I agree with Johhny and Johhny your cute too

  • CC

    she sounds just like her husband, crazy.
    she berates people for not having their facts right, and when she doesnt have her facts right, she berates people for pointing out she doesnt have her facts right

  • Johhny

    boy she sure sounds like a great wife…yea sarcasm on the internet,actually she sounds like a stuck up bitch