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Ted DiBiase Injury Update, Latest Word on Kharma and Sin Cara’s Returns

– Ted DiBiase wrote the following on his Twitter about his injury:

“Update: torn ligament and small break, but NO torn tendon which means no surgery! Again, thank you all for your encouragement!!”

– The latest word on Sin Cara’s return is that WWE officials are hoping he will be back by late June or early July.

– Regarding Kharma’s status, the word going around internally is that there is no timeframe for her full-time return.

Source: PWInsider

  • heyfit

    Hunico is the greatest high flyer ever.

  • Fan since 1993 Born 1990

    I like Hunico. Hes good o the mic, in the ring, and can sell moves. Hunico, Cody, Ziggler, Barrett, Clay, and kofi are the future…

  • Matt

    exactly, you just have Hunico pull double duty, 99.99999% of fans wouldn’t know the difference.

  • Stevie P

    Kharma should take her time to heal. She’s honestly not missing much anyways.

  • Snark Mark

    Good news for Ted. The Sin Cara business just perplexes me. WWE created a mask and a color theme. The actual performer is irrelevant, as evident by the Hunico replacement story line. If they had wanted to capitalize off the merch momentum they built, they should have written Hunico off TV and had him don the blue and gold costume again.

    As for Kharma, it is all quite sad.