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Ted DiBiase Speaks on Injuries, Heder Talks About Hosting RAW

– Past RAW guest host Jon “The Flame” Heder appeared on the George Lopez show last night and spent the whole time talking about his WWE appearance. Heder came out in his Ric Flair robe and they showed clips of him in action the night he hosted. Heder put the WWE product over and had a great quote, saying”It was probably the best moment of my life, kicking a midget (Hornswoggle) in the neck.”

– Michigan’s has an article looking at the WWE careers of Ted DiBiase Jr. & Sr. Both men are quoted in the article. As he becomes used to the WWE lifestyle as one of the top stars on the Raw brand, Ted Jr. says he doesn’t want to lose sight of the toll wrestling takes on the body:

“When you do that (take bumps) day after day, you kind of grow numb to it. That’s the scary part, when you ignore little pains that grow into big problems, like back injuries. Then you need surgeries. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ it happens, it’s ‘when’ it happens. That’s when you get your vacation.”

  • kolton

    WWE is dying to true wrestling fans? wow you are stupid. Wrestling is adapting and evolving… very far from dying. Go ahead and miss the attitude era and all that before it was PG, but don’t hate on what WWE has become. I admire the direction they have taken, because it will help them survive. and who knows, maybe it’ll go back to where they can swear and be a little bit more badass. But the people who hate on WWE have always been out there, even then. The thing is though, they still watch it, they still at least like to read about it. What defines a true WWE fan? A true WWE fan looks at the pros and cons of the business, and even though the cons may sometimes out weigh the pros, you have to respect and admire the pros, and maybe see why they did what they did. It isn’t all about the one fan, or that group of fans, it is about all the fans. That’s why they do what they do, not to make everyone happy, but the majority happy. And obviously they are doing something right… because WWE is far, far, from dying.

  • Chris

    its spelled dying

  • nick

    people still think that the wwe is dieing…. smh… i agree that the company SUCKS to true wrestling fans but there are a LOTT more normal fans than internet fans. wwe aint no where near dieing

  • Logan

    What are you talking about? You really think they’re that bad?

  • Nobody

    Ted will be one of the top stars in the company in it’s dying days and not before then. You will know WWE is about to fold when people like Ted and Cody are considered top stars by anyone but themselves