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Tensai Compares the WWE Locker Room to His Previous WWE Run

In the September edition of the WWE Magazine, Tensai was asked about the differences between the WWE locker room in the mid-2000s when he left and in the 2012 when he returned.

“I don’t know if they’re tougher, because when I was years ago, there were a lot of men on the roster. When I came back, there were a lot of young faces, a lot of kids. The talent that walks in the locker room is amazing now, but in terms of toughness…well, this is a tough business. The current roster is a bunch of tough guys, and I give them a lot of credit. It’s a man’s game. I hit people hard and they hit me back harder. Let’s just say I’ve had a couple of fights.”

  • SYM

    The Fuck Outta Here. The Current Roster is Full of Weasel’s who just want their Jobs. They are cowards hence why they didn’t say Shit at the RAW Meeting.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    but dont forget, he beat the undertaker fair and square!!!! He could have been a monster heel if the cards were played right for him.
    @ theMark, GROW THE FUC* UP!!!!

  • theMark

    I wonder if Kharma’s dead fetus was given a Slim Jim when it was ditched in the woods, Test is prolly there too(guessing a pile of bones by now)

  • Jon

    You really wanted to see mason ryan and kozlov as main eventers, if you remember kozlov was in a wwe title feud in 08 and it was awful.

  • ant

    yeah they dropped the ball on drew mcintyre BIG TIME

  • Robinson

    Take Kenny off that list and I agree, that guy jad no personality and just lacked the connection to anybody.

  • AttitudePl0x

    Nah it’s just WWE had a MUCH better roster back in the days. They could still have as big roster as before except the WWE don’t know how to utilize their wrestlers at all. They spend SO MUCH TIME building up their wrestlers and throw them away in the end. I mean think of all the possible mid carders and main eventers we could’ve had up to this point had the WWE gave them more chance.
    Vladimir Kozlov
    Luke Gallows
    Zack Rider
    Drew Mcintyre
    Tyler Reks
    Jack Swagger
    Alex Riley
    Kenny Dykstra
    Ted Dibiase
    Members of Nexus
    The Usos
    Mason Ryan
    Ted Dibiase
    Tyson Kidd

    List goes on and on. I don’t know if it’s because of the bullshit Linda McDumbass’s campaign or some other reason but I’m hoping WWE hires some new writers and utilize the talent they have.

  • Matt

    maybe hes the one who just got older.