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Tentative Card for WWE’s WrestleMania 28 with Seven Matches

– Based on early talk, here’s what looks to be the tentative card for WrestleMania 28 so far:

The Rock vs. John Cena

WWE Title Match
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Triple H vs. The Undertaker

Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal

World Heavyweight Title Match

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Divas Match

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Kyle

    The CM Punk Vs Jericho,Who Gives a Crap Its Not a Good Idea,Undertaker 19-1

  • Dante Gabriel

    Does Big Show ALWAYS have to wrestle some sports celebrity? After Floyd Cottonpicker knocked out Show, I was hoping that would be it.

  • Starship Pain

    No, please! Undertaker and Triple H can barely move in the ring… Just give Alberto Del Rio the chance, and let Undertaker win so he can retire with his record at 20-0, as the legend he is…

  • d

    does anyone else think it would of been better to have the rock face triple h ( think of their history ) and cena face the undertaker ?

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Replace HHH with Foley, the Divas match should be between Nat vs Beth, The MITB should include the following; Kofi, Ziggler, Christian, Miz, Shamuse, and someone like Zack Ryder. NOW they should include an IC and US title match that can be Goldust vs Cody Rhodes in a Miami Street and Jack Swagger vs Zack Ryder. Thats just what I think?

  • Rucdogg

    The dif between HHH-Taker3 and Rock-Austin3 is rock and austin were both in their prime and had a legit rivalry, rather one was heel or both were face. Taker and HHH havent been rivals since mania X7 and wwe doesnt even want us to remember that one. I think Cody should face taker. Hes younger, could take more bumps and is right on the verge of a main event push. What better way than to have him go toe to toe with taker at mania?

  • JayK316

    I can bear Big Show vs Shaq just about, mainly because they had great chemistry when Shaq GM’d Raw and Wrestlemania is always the card the features a Celeb pop.

    Last year, The Rock pretty much filled that void (with the leftover taken up by that tarted up troll Snooki) This year, The Rock is back to being a wrestler for the night so that celeb spot is up for grabs. To be honest, i would rather see a household name athlete with tons of personality and an actual reason to be there, then some reality TV ‘no-mark’ who’s performance will be emberassing.

    If we have to bear any celeb at wrestlemania 28, Shaq is the only contender that would be half-bearable. Now, i am not saying that i expect their match to be Taker v HBK quality, but a 10 minute basic big man, i could stand.

    As for the rest of the card.
    i yearn for Punk vs Y2J for the title. It would really make the world title clash mean something in a match between 2 exceptional ring & mic workers. BUT…’s a thought.
    “It will be the end of the world as you know it?”
    More than likely, it’s a message for CM Punk. I agree that Steph will likely be revealed as the one who JL has been texting the whole time, the one who reached out to her former client, Jericho and the one with a big enough grudge against Punk to be the “She” in the vignettes.


    Imagine Y2J wins the rumble. At the end of the match, he grabs the mic and says, that as the winner of the rumble he is guaranteed a title shot at Wrestlemania. But he then says that, he has a bigger title in mind! He wants the title of ‘The man who ended The Streak!’.
    “It will be the End of the world, as you know it Deadman!”

    ok, i prefer Y2J vs Punk, but it would be a cool little swerve.

  • Devil_Rising

    You do realize that people like Bryan Danielson or Mark Henry even, would never have had a World Title run, or Christian, or a lot of other guys, if it weren’t for there being two belts? Right?

  • hjkhjk

    I want the f’ing world titles unified again damnit! Holding one of them doesn’t mean that much when there’s just another one.. it’s been so dumb.

  • Cool Mark Punk

    Foley Vs Ziggler in no DQ would be great. Really push Ziggler to the next level and Foley has no problem putting over talent. If it’s anything like the Edge V Foley match it will be great.

  • Mania Idea

    What about Taker vs. Sheamus

  • @

    Wishfull thinking but maybe Lesnar returns and wins the Royal Rumble then gets in the World Heavyweight Title picture

  • arrrrr truth

    i think that all the concern is this thread is unnecessary. the rumble hasnt happened yet and im positive that we will get a solid card. no matter what, at least it will be better than last year.

    the simple fact is that all of these matches, which if you read the post you would realize there are only FOUR matches with listed names, have potential.

    MitB returning is HUGE for this card. my only concern is who will be in the WHC match. i fear that orton will get the shot against bryan. this may not be that horrible. i still fear it.

    for right now, patience is a virtue. besides, like i said, last year was only ok. im positive this one will be much better. taker-hunter will be shorter. shaq-show will be a 10 minute gimmick. rock-cena will get about 30 minutes and i dare ANYONE ON HERE to predict what will happen. punk-jericho will be an instant classic. we will be fine.

  • ogitchida


  • chronoxiong

    Thanks for spoiling the winner of the Royal Rumble!!!

  • beatherock

    Taker vs HHH?
    three times is ridiculous at WM.
    but except Rock vs Austin and Taker vs Kane.

  • Phil Collins

    I’m surprised the US title and IC title haven’t been unified. If WWE wants to bring a little prestige and credibility to the IC title then why not have the IC champ undergo a really intense feud. Based on what I saw in the Rhodes/Gabriel match I think they have a lot of good chemistry and huge potential for awesome matches. Same could be said about the US title. A good feud would jump start these divisions

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Never mind, my bad. The other match I was thinking of didn’t happen at Mania.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling


    I’m just taking a stab in the dark. This would technically be Taker/HHH4 if the match happens. None of their matches have been WrestleMania quality. They have just been brawls, nothing special in any of the 3 previous matches. Guess 2 it mentions HHH so everyone has to hate because according to a lot of the IWC he (pick one)squashes, buries, successful because wife, only puts over friends, etc…

  • CC

    Undertaker VS Kane – Inferno Match

  • Basketball with a grudge

    I have had a massive idea about jericho’s character! The theme is end of the world as we know it yes? Who else is linked with that? The illuminati. Now bear with me here, illuminati means enlightened, and what does Jericho do in his entrance? He’s in the darkness and becomes ‘enlightened’. And talks about the end of the world as we know it, 2012 being the supposed end of the world as well it makes sense to play on the idea. Chris Jericho = ILLUMINATI!

  • JD

    This is one of the laziest posts on this site in a long time. That’s not seven matches. That’s four matches and some general matches.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    @Devil Rising
    What he should do is wrestle a young guy.

  • austin316


  • austin316

    Undertaker vs HHH just ruined my Wrestlemania mood

  • RatedR2J

    What about KANE

  • WWE@Helms

    Why does everybody hate Taker Vs HHH 3. I mean there was Austin Vs Rock 3 and HHH And Taker are both arguebuly better wrestlers then they are. They just don’t have the star power. And there is a huge possiblity its both these men last match.

  • WWE@Helms

    Why does everybody hate Taker Vs HHH 3. I mean there was Austin Vs Rock 3 and HHH And Taker are both arguebuly better wrestlers then they are. They just don’t have the star power. And there is a huge possiblity its both thse men last match.

  • nick

    card still looks better than last yrs mess…. at least theres a money in the bank. i would pick a rock/cena wm main event over cena/miz anyday… i do not agree with another hhh/taker match tho. no point of having a rematch.

  • Devil_Rising

    I in no way have even a modicum of desire to see another Taker vs. HHH match. This last one, on a scale of Taker WM matches, wasn’t even that good. And to me, HHH matches have never been the greatest thing to watch anyway.

    I really think if HHH is going to be a big shot front office guy, he should really leave the wrestling, especially WM matches, to others.

  • D2K

    If Triple H isn’t going to end the streak there is ZERO reason for that match. There really isn’t a reason for it anyway. As someone else already said we have seen this match twice already despite WWE trying to make us forget that Wrestlemania X-7 match never happened.

    I’d rather see Orton get another shot at Taker again rather than Triple H again since they are doing do-overs. Actually when I think about it, as many epic battles they have had together the Undertaker and Mick Foley have never faced each other at Wrestlemania. Nobody has a better win/loss record on the Undertaker than Mick Foley. If anyone other than Brock or Austin should end the streak, it should be Mick Foley.

  • Wellsy

    This is not news. This is just a random guess.

    Anyone can do that.

  • Dr.Dre

    Kane vs Foley
    undertaker vs Goldberg

    These two matches could have a possibly since Goldberg said he wants to come back to the WWE….then have Kane vs Foley but make Foley come back as Mankind for a buried alive match or no dq!

  • adam tarasievich

    They need to take the hhh taker match off. Not because its been done 2 times already but whats the point really. I say scrap the taker match in general i mean there is no point in a match when you know taker is going to win. They mine as well have him face some jobber he can squash them hell bring back zach gowen or braden walker the king of all jobbers and have them face taker and he can go over quick not waste any energy then maybe he will be able to get threw a match with out getting hurt so he can pull his old butt threw a match next year were it will prolly be him vs cena.

  • Rucdogg

    Anybody else that went to mania last year feel ripped off there was no mitb? Bullshit! Not to mention besides the rock, taker vs HHH the card sucked last year

  • KpNuttzLol

    I hope they scrap Triple H Vs Undertaker. We have seen it twice at Wrestlemania and Taker won both. With every match, it gets harder to improve the quality since it has been done and well with a 3rd bout between them, it’s likely it will be no where near as good as the previous encounters.He needs fresh meat like Barrett.

    As for the IC and US title, I agree with the others. It should really get defended more often at PPV’s. Benoit Vs MVP at WM23 for the US Title was what made MVP a true competitor for me. It gave him a chance to develop a feud for the title but improve at the same time. It’s far better to put somebody over like that in my opinion.

  • Dan

    If Ziggler isn’t in the title picture they should have him try and break the streak. The young cocky guy, similar to when Orton challenged Taker at Wrestlemania before. Then even if/when he loses it will still help to cement his place as a main-eventer.

  • Second City Saints


  • Prince

    Pretty sure they’ll be more than 7 matches as well. I’ve seen Foley vs Ziggler rumored in numerous places. There’s usually some kind of tag match thrown in as well. The Divas match will suck as usual, and HHH/Taker again is boring, but the rest should be good. Big Show is pretty good at building and selling these celebrity matches, so that may not be as bad as people think.

  • david

    Come. On. Big show. Vs shaq has the wwe. Turned into. Wcw that. Just. Fucking. Stupid

  • Dx

    I’d rather y2j vs taker punk vs Bryan somehow ziggler going over in some big #1 contender match n a solid money in the bank match n let hhh n miz have it out

  • Buttercastle

    The fact that we are smart enough, or WWE is dumb enough, to have us fans predict matches months in advance kinda takes the “magic” away from Wrestlemania. If there even was any magic in it considering what we have seen in the past. Sure we get the one good match but you figure all the hype and money they put in, not to mention the money fans shell out, they would make Wrestlemania more that just the Undertaker will obviously win show. It’s like buying a movie ticket for a theater that only plays two movies and which one you get to watch is random, but you get the same movie 20 times in a row. Only difference is the secondary character is different each time.

    My opinion on Undertaker might be different if he was here all year, and actually had a buildup feud with someone that leads to a match. Instead we get a very old repetitive “makes his return” episode of Raw where he finally comes back two weeks before Wrestlemania after recuperating from his last match and backstage they spin a giant wheel to see who he faces, or in better words beats, this year. Bonus points when they pick someone who hasn’t been in action for equal to or longer than Undertaker.

    TL;DR predictable matches (and their endings) take away from the epicness of Wrestlemania.

  • Lord KGM

    Wrestlemania will be straight. Thanks wrestling edge for blocking another epic post by me. Nothing special about 28 so far

  • Dee durp

    So…… pretty much the card we’ve been looking at for the past four months.

  • Why not have taker face foley at mania I mean the history these guys have together is unmatched and I’m sure given enough time to prepare foley can still put on a decent no dq match

  • hjkhjk

    Triple H and Undertaker AGAIN? -_- What is this gonna be the annual match now?

  • Albert

    Were lucky if we get a proper Divas match. If we do i hope its the ladder match with Natalya and Beth

  • John

    I think Bryan vs. Orton for the WHC is pretty much a given. And yeah I agree they need to add something (preferrably HBK) to Taker vs. HHH 3. THe whole rematch angle had already been done with HBK’s retirement match. I also think Mick Foley vs. Dolph Ziggler in a no dq match is also a strong possibilty.

  • Diesel

    I know remember when Miz had it but barely ever even defended it after he won it? To be honest though all titles bellow WWE & World Heavyweight haven’t been relevant for years (not that I’m saying both of those are exactly perfect either).

    I mean remember when they all actually MEANT something? Like say Bret vs Bulldog in 92 at Summerslam and the HBK vs Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall feud for the IC Title, the “best of seven” series matches between Booker T and Benoit as well as the MVP vs Matt Hardy feud for the U.S Title and Owen Hart vs The British Bulldog for the first ever European Title in Germany in 97.

    At one point they used to be looked at like the next step to winning the main two. Now days they just feel cheap, not to mention they look horrible (apart from the World Title which has basically stayed the same). They really need to bring back some sort of order and prestige to them, killing the divisions off like the Cruiserweight (and tag-team to a degree) doesn’t help matters. The WWE has a load of talented guys there and something like that would give them something to achieve, because lets face it unless your a guy like Cena, Orton or Punk (who I’m not hating on by the way) It’s unlikely you’ll ever be given the light of day in the main event scene.

  • dick cockwrinkle

    i was thinking, they should put taker in the MITB @WM. he wont have to work as hard and sure they’d have to have him win it to keep the streak alive i think it would make that match huge for the ppv. he can still do a couple of crazy spots but not completely wreck himself.

  • davey zoo

    I’d prefer Mark Henry Vs Shaq after the performance that Mark Henry has had this year. I am not to keen on HHH Vs The Undertaker but can’t think of any others as Taker has not been involved with anything else all year apart from the obvious ones which won’t happen e.g. Sting & Brock. I would like Dolph Ziggler involved with Chris Jericho and CM Punk.

    The way it is shaping up though there looks as though there will be a lot of talent missing. i can’t see where the likes of Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Zach Ryder, Miz (who was the main event last year), Alberto Del Rio & R-Truth will fit in. Unless they just stick them in the Money In the Bank.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    Also, it’s ridiculous they dont defend the IC and US belts at WM or most other PPVs for that matter. Whats the point in having them at all.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    It looks a lot better than last year.

  • awesome1

    hope undertaker beats hhh and then he retires

  • Maltese

    Bryan vs Orton should be in, hopefully ‘if’ Bryan wins that will put him over real good.

  • Diesel

    Not sure about this, and the only way I’ll even be remotely interested in Taker/HHH again is if HBK was involved in some way, otherwise no.

    The only matches on that card that remotely interests me is Punk/Jericho and Bryan vs whoever for the WHC. Rock vs Cena I’m on the fence about, because while it is huge quite frankly I don’t want him to go all Superman like over Rock that’s my main concern.

  • Mark

    depends whose in the world heavyweight championship match and also the money in the bank match. apart from Punk v Jericho not looking too good

  • Bawb

    HHH vs. Taker again? Big Show vs. SHAQ? A Divas match? Ay dios mios!