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Terms for Take-Two Developing WWE Video Games

Bloomberg has released an update on Take-Two acquiring the WWE video game license as part of THQ’s bankruptcy proceedings. Here is a list of some of the new terms.

* WWE and Yuke’s contracts with THQ have been terminated, allowing them to enter into new agreements with Take-Two, who will also hire the THQ crew that worked on WWE video games.

* THQ will have to pay WWE $650,000 in royalty payments for the video games sold while under bankruptcy protection.

* WWE’s “very large damage claims” against THQ have been dropped. The pre-bankruptcy claim of $45 million was for the value of the video game contract running through 2017.

  • CC

    What does it matter what any other article says? you were replying to an article that clearly states they will be working together, then you come along saying that you heard something thats already stated in the article.
    If you were replying to an article that didnt mention it, then yes, your comment would be valid, but as is, you obviously hadnt read THIS article fully when you commented.

  • D2K

    Did you read any article besides one? My synopsis is based on this information.

    ~ Take-Two Interactive is set to enter a publishing deal for WWE games, confirming a previous report. IGN obtained a quote from the parent company of 2K Games, 2K Sports and Rockstar that it expects to take over the license previously held by defunct publisher THQ.

    “At this time, the agreement is pending court approval and we anticipate that it will be finalized shortly,” a company representative told IGN. “We are very excited about the potential of this agreement and will have more to share at the appropriate time.”

    Take-Two plans to keep developer Yukes on to helm the franchise. The exact financial terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed. WWE isn’t the only thing Take-Two picked up from the collapse of THQ, spending $10.9 million on Turtle Rock’s still secret Evolve during the asset auction last month

    Source IGN

  • Cobra5784

    Yeah because the contract is until 2017

  • CC

    Did you not read the article? It says that WWE and YUKES have ended their association with THQ and BOTH will be partnering with Take 2. Take 2 could not do a WWE game without Yukes being involved.
    Also, it clearly states that the THQ team will be brought on board as well.
    That means that while Take 2 will have say in how the game is developed, there is a strong likelihood that the game will look and play almost identical to previous games as it will be all of the same people working on it, just without the THQ name attached.

  • Well they have been doing them for god knows how long now so Take Two want to keep them involved, i think its a good idea

  • jgdjgdklj

    The game will still be shit.

  • Solid

    You never know, what if Linda wants to run for some office again that she’ll never have a hope in hell of winning. 😛 (Google image search ‘money down toilet’ for what I see)

  • D2K

    I’ve heard that Take Two wanted to bring along Yukes and still have them develop the games. o_O

  • Jason Lentini

    Yeah like WWE NEEDS 45 million more lol