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Terry Funk Finally Retiring?, WWE Headed to Court Soon, Kayfabe Shirts Update

– As noted before, WWE might be dropping their new line of “Kayfabe Shirts.” A decision may be made this week about the shirts and it was said that somehow the shirts got out due to a lack of communication and a lot of people weren’t even aware the line was coming out. As noted before, several people in WWE as well as veterans out of the company were not happy with the shirts.

– The first part of independent wrestler Devon Nicholson’s lawsuit against WWE is scheduled to be heard in Ottawa on March 8th. Nicholson has reportedly filed a $6 million lawsuit against WWE for rescinding a contract offer, claiming he was discriminated against because he has Hepatitis C.

– Wrestling legend Terry Funk had to pull out of the Toronto WrestleReunion later this year because he will be recovering from knee replacement surgery. Funk, who has notoriously retired several times over the years, may actually see his career come to an end with the upcoming surgery.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • voice of reason

    why thank you jason l you’ve made my day.

  • Jason L

    @ the voice of reason

    You sir live up to your name in your comment.

    How can anyone legitimately dislike that WWE said no ? Other than Little Jimmy (forgive me if I’m wrong) or whoever the trolls are, how can anyone think that realistically. It’s a huge health risk. Didnt Bob Orton have that and it didn’t come out after the feud with him/Randy vs Taker (which if I remember correctly Taker was absolutely livid due to blood in their matches)

  • voice of reason

    omg terry is still wrestling that’s one tough old bastard i have nothing but great respect & admiration for terry

    as for this wrestler suing the wwe for not hiring him with hep c the wwe has the right to protect their talent now if i wanted to be a wrestler & i had hep c i would consider the other wrestlers & not put their health in danger some dreams are just too lofty to reach.

    now i agree with 808notsogreat it wasnt devons fault he contracted the condition but any rational man would consider the health & well being of other & not put them in harms way it’s called common sense.

  • 808notsogreat

    It’s not Devon Nicholson’s fault that he contracted Hep C from wrestling Abdullah the Butcher.

  • Dave

    He was middle aged and crazy 20 years ago. So I’ve no idea what that makes him now.

  • Rassler


  • Gorilla

    Terry that crazy old bastard will never retire

  • Dave

    Although in fairness. He has spent most of the last 20 years helping to put over and to train younger wrestlers. And his brother Dory Funk Jr still wrestled well into his 70’s. Funks just seem to be durable. And their contribution to wrestling will never be forgotten.

  • Funk should’ve retired 20 years ago

  • Stevie P

    Terry is still wrestling? Wow that’s crazy!

  • 1919dpg

    ofcourse their not going to sign somebody with hepatitis.. even if he doesn’t blade, there’s always the chance of being cut.

  • Lord KGM

    WWE shouldn’t sign anyone with hepatitis C.