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Terry Taylor Working for WWE Again?, JBL Discusses John Cena, Styles on the HOF

– Former WWE Superstar JBL spoke with The Sun this week and had the following to say about John Cena going into WrestleMania 28:

“I knew Cena could be the guy, there was no doubt in my mind. What he’s done is just phenomenal. I could not be happier for him. He’s one of the most hard working guys I have ever seen, who just has a knack for this business. I hear that he can’t wrestle — he can wrestle. Drawing a crowd is working. I think he’s done a wonderful job.

What do you want? A guy that can go out there and do a bunch of seamless wristlocks and anklelocks, or do you want a guy who is going to put a bunch of people in seats and entertain them? To me a guy who can entertain is a great worker. I don’t understand why purists would say that he wasn’t one on any level, because I think he is.”

– Joey Styles wrote on Twitter that won’t be airing the Hall of Fame ceremony this year because “the USA Network pays us and we sell DVD’s.”

– Former WWE and TNA executive Terry Taylor was recently at WWE developmental in Florida. There is a lot of talk that Taylor will begin working for WWE again soon, possibly with the new developmental project that is being planned for Stamford near WWE headquarters.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Ant

    @tang…well put
    @poko..respect the man not the wrestler thats all people are saying

  • tang

    its both sides getting annoying. Cena fans keep bitching about how hard he works and how you need to worship him.
    The cena haters cant let anyone show any like or respect for cena without jumping down thier throat and accusing them of being marks or kids who dont know what theyre talking about.
    Its getting annoying from both sides of the house

  • Matt

    nobody tells you to like Cena, just to respect him as a performer.

  • poko

    I’m getting really tired of people telling me I have to like John Cena. I never, ever tell anyone else who they have to like, but some Cena fans seems to take it personally if everyone doesn’t love him. In my opinion, that mentality is partially why so many people have gone from being ambivalent toward him to actually booing him. Seriously, there is no one that everyone is going to like. If someone else isn’t a Cena fan, then just get the hell over it.

  • Ant

    i mean john cenas no kurt angle and no one should expect him to be ya know


    @Buttercastle Cena doesnt have flashy moves either

  • Buttercastle

    I agree with JBL. If you’re a wrestling purist you wouldn’t even be watching WWE anyways, there’s more wrestling done in high school gymnasiums than on Raw or Smackdown. WWE is all about the entertainment aspect rather than technical. Sure there’s a handful of guys with pure wrestling ability but in the end it’s all about the flashy moves and bright lights.