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Miss Tessmacher Weighs In On WWE’s Divas Division, Nick Dinsmore Thanks TNA

– TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Miss Tessmacher, who appeared for WWE in 2007, clarified comments she made concerning her former employer this week in regards to its utilization of female talent. When asked on Facebook whether she would ever return to the organization, she wrote, “Why would I want to go back to wwe where they have 3 min matches that typically have no meaning. The women aren’t utilized to the potential they bring. They aren’t cared about or a priority.”

She now says, “Let me clear this up. My comment that was said of the WWE Divas was not to discredit the girls in any way. They are all spectacular and tremendous athletes. My opinion is based on the fact I strongly feel they are not used to their own capabilities and talents. I do think if they were believed in more as the Knockouts where from the company they work for they could showcase themselves better as all around athletes and not just a character or gimmick. I do believe the Knockouts division is the best in the bis and we are used to our potential. At Impact Wrestling women’s wrestling does matter!”

– Nick Dinsmore, formerly known as Eugene in WWE, publicly thanked TNA Impact Wrestling for giving him the opportunity to compete in a dark match prior to Thursday’s live Impact Wrestling broadcast.

“I would like thank @IMPACTWRESTLING for giving me the opportunity to wrestle a dark match last night in front of the TNA Impact Zone fans,” he wrote Friday on Twitter.

  • No Name Required

    Nick Dinsmore is a class act. Takes up For WWE right before a TNA tryout. Anyone would be lucky to sign him.

  • CC

    I’ll agree that WWE doesnt utilise women wrestlers properly, but quite frankly TNA isnt much better. We have seen them drop the ball with numerous female tallent, or give pushes then forget about them. They may have longer matches, but there is more to getting talent over than that.
    WWE and TNA are pretty much the same when it comes to pushing the wrong people. Yeah, they both have their moments of common sense, but both have the same issue of having talent vanish from tv because they “have nothing for them”.

    And anyway, what a talent says now and what they do when contracts are up, are two very different things.

  • Stockton Joe

    Miss Tessmacher IS right about how WWE uses (or doesn’t use) their Divas. The WWE Diva division IS a joke. That doesn’t make TNAs Knockout division the be-all and end-all. But – are the WWE Diva matches 5 minutes or less? Yes. Does WWE actually tell stories with their Divas? No.

  • King Albert

    I notice these shithouse Knockouts only talk shit when they hold the shitty knockout championship, people say TNA knockouts are superior to WWE divas, but kongs fat (unt can’t even get a match in WWE. Lol Fail.

  • King Albert

    Sounds like an unhealthy obsession with WWE, maybe she should apply for a job as a fluffer.