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Thanksgiving TNA Impact Wrestling Rating, Bischoff Says Hardy Has Changed His Life

– Eric Bischoff wrote the following on Twitter yesterday about Jeff Hardy:

“Very impressed with the way Jeff Hardy is handling himself. Taken responsibilty, changed his life and is 100% professional. I doubted Jeff. Not anymore. Admire him for having the balls to overcome his issues and raise his game.”

– The Thanksgiving 2011 edition of TNA’s Impact Wrestling scored a 0.99 cable rating with 1.40 million viewers. Hour one did a 0.91 rating while the second hour went up to 1.07. This week’s highest quarter rating was a 1.09 – the Eric Young vs. Robbie E. Turkey Suit match.

  • Dave

    When I read the title I first though that hardy changed bischoff’s life lol. No I’m not gay.

  • MJ

    Hardy changed his life? The whole victory road bs happened months ago. This guy had multiple drug charges, he was on trial, and TNA still signed him.

    Then he came at a ppv drugged up out of his mind and ruined the ppv.
    Now all i hear from hogan, dixie, and eric is that he’s a changed man? The reason hardy wasn’t fired is because he was one of the top babyfaces in wwe. So TNA doesn’t do anything to punish him.

    Hardy changed because the court could easily send his ass to jail if he f’s up again. If your like a midcarder you dont get that same treatment.

  • Eric Nixon

    “This week’s highest quarter rating was a 1.09 – the Eric Young vs. Robbie E. Turkey Suit match.”

    I have to re-evaluate my entire life.

  • stockshark

    If your gonna talk shit about something at least be a little informed im not trying to defend TNA just trying to defend Common Sense!

  • stockshark

    The Dude then just shut the hell up about it!

  • Pig

    If the highest rated segment was the Turkey Suite match, that goes to show one of two things. Either the rating system is f*cked or TNA is being watched by way too many little kids hoping to see some panties in one of the knockout matches!

  • venom


    So what will be TNA excuse next week???

  • @zach realize that but even before that there ratings come in low week in and week out

  • Zach

    the due, you realize the rating was impacted by the fact that it was Thanksgiving and there were multiple football games on as well as Black Friday?

    I doubt peoples’ minds were on IW or wrestling in general. Think before you type. Thanks.

  • @stockshark who the hell said I watch tna

  • stockshark

    I hate Basketball so I dont watch it, I dont like the taste of Mayo so I dont eat it! If YOU DONT LIKE TNA THEN DONT WATCH IT! LOL the dude moron.

  • venom

    Good for Jeff, but we’ll see how long this lasts. If bischoff and Hogan set them selves on fire on Impact, then the ratings will go up.

  • Valo487

    Jeff sure is a hell of a guy. It takes a real man to show up for work, do the job you’re paid well for, and not disrespect the fans. Oh wait, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Jeff Hardy only gets a pass because he’s Jeff Hardy and has a large fanbase. Anyone else pulls the same stunts and they get fired. Ask Matt.

  • A 0.99 really tna please just go away quietly with what little dignity you have left

  • Buttercastle

    When I read the title of the article I was expecting maybe a Hardy we haven’t heard of, perhaps a forgotten brother who went into medicine instead of wrestling.