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The Final Two Team WWE Members?

by Amish Patel - August 02, 2010

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Okay, I just got done watching Raw and I was extremely impressed. Now a portion of this may be due to last weeks lack luster show but never the less, this was a much more well thought out and executed show. So rather than do an entire review, I’ll simply say that from top to bottom this weeks edition was much better than last, including a very good main event.

Now onto the two open spots on team WWE at SummerSlam, for so many reasons I believe this to be a great thing for the upcoming shows and the suspense it brings. With two open spots, there a number of potential suitors who could fill these openings so lets take a look at some of the possibilities.

The Undertaker:   there have been a lot of rumors going around about the deadman returning at SummerSlam. Had Rey Mysterio not been “named” by Kane on Smackdown as his assailant, this would have been a perfect opportunity for the Nexus to be named as the attackers of Taker and give him a perfect forum for a return. But with him being tied up in a storyline on Smackdown the odds of the phenom being one of the two new members on team WWE don’t seem all that high.

Probability he’s a team WWE member:  Unlikely

Shawn Michaels:    Ok, while I think this makes no sense, Michaels name will inevitably be brought up. While you could argue that he would want to help “save” the WWE as they are saying it, there has been no build up and if and when Shawn does return, this doesn’t seem like the stage for Mr. WrestleMania.

Probability: Almost impossible (You know in WWE you can never say never) Never.

Triple H:    According to some reports Hunter recently had another surgery WWE did not want publicized, that brings into question his availability for the upcoming event. However, with all the mentions of his name on Raw this week, I highly believe that, even if it is in a limited capacity, for  the need of some name recognition and star power, we’re likely to be hearing time to play the game sooner rather than later.    

 Possiblity: Very likely

Evan Bourne:    I’m throwing this one out there simply because he made sense to be apart of team Cena in the first place. He is a talented wrestler on the rise and with Cena being the reason behind his push, it makes all the sense to have him apart of this roster. With a load of talent and momentum he hasn’t seen before, one way or another Evan Bourne needs to be a part of the show and this match could be the place.

Possibility: Very possible

Shane McMahon:    not exactly at the top  of most peoples lists but Shane O Mac always deserves a mention. At last check Shane was gone from all aspects of WWE and despite having a few more years behind him, he always has his best performances when they count the most and is always good for at least one Holy S**T moment. A long shot at best but throw my name on the list of people who want to see Shane on this ppv.

Possibility: Extremely unlikely

Vince McMahon:    now heres the wildcard, I don’t remember exactly how much or if Vince and Bret resolved their issues post WrestleMania on camera, so it’s hard to say if teaming them together would work, but enough time has passed storyline wise for it to be viable. Him having been beaten down by nexus several weeks ago it would make sense for Vinnie Mac to come back with a vengance against the group that put him out of action.

Possibility: very likely

If you have any more thoughts or ideas lets hear em but if you have to ask me, it’s gonna come down to Triple H and either Evan Bourne or Vince McMahon. If I was forced to pick one way or the other I’ ll go with Vince. Evan Bourne is the safer choice but for storyline purposes it makes sense that Vince will join Triple H as the final two members of team WWE. Your thoughts….

  • JHN

    I just finished watching the episode and i think Jericho and Edge are back in, but after the Nexus took out the Great Kahli and Mark Henry i dont think they’ll be in the match, but my hope is for Triple H to get some ring action again but i don’t think he is fully healed so im going with either the gm or someone from smackdown to be in the 7-7 match. My favourite wrestler was Jeff Hardy what are the chances of him being in that match? I doubt it sinces hes in TNA but who knows

  • Jeff

    Interesting point about Orton LVW, not sure what the main event is going to be here. Dont think Edge and Jericho will be left off Sammo, just think this would be a lame effort on creatives part if they leave only to return. Guess we shouldnt put that past them.

  • LVW

    Since they used Bourne as part of the 7 on 7 squash match on RAW I doubt he’ll be one of the final 2.

    Darkhorse pick- Orton if he has his title match before the 7 on 7.

  • stockshark

    The Gobbley Gooper and Doink the Clown!!!! Now thats star power!!!

  • Sammo

    I think you’re looking too much into this. Edge and Jericho will inevitably remain in the team – they’re not gonna leave two of their most significant stars off of the second biggest PPV of the year.

    Bret Hart will return next week and reach out to his fellow Canadians to rejoin the team. Narf.

  • Rob

    I think Khali will also leave the allstars. I also think Jericho will become leader of the Nexus due to the way he tapped out this week. Then to fill the places for team WWE their will be : Mystery GM, Vince McMahon, Evan Bourne and Ted DiBiase.

    Then somehow Nexus will win, DiBiase blames Morrison and they have that fued back on track.

  • Aidan

    I know it’s a long shot but I’ve heard goldbergs returning and his hype factor and star power would definately get people interested in the match.

  • Adam

    I think it would be cool (but very unlikely almost an impossibility) that the two open spots are filled by the Usos. Later after another run in with Nexus The Great Kali leaves the team and after a week of build up is replaced by The Rock (he has said a few times now he is interested in returning and we all know thats the only reason the Usos are even on the show as they are his nefiews) of course however they will most likely implement him on smackdown as he has pretty much made it what it is.

    Besides that I honestly think Mark Henry will fill one of the spots because he seems to be doing that alot lately and the other spot will be filled by the mystery GM as he will reveail himself soon and will most likely be somewhat upset with the Nexus as they have been psycologicaly destroying the team rather then beating them. One last thing the mystery GM will not be Stone Cold as alot of people think because they dont plug his movies so he is not part of the company anymore.

  • RAMSES 2

    Some one in the group is going to flip sides like the invasion storyline Bret hart is going to be that man!! if not why put a guy how cant wrestle in the team and tripe h is going to be managed by bret hart afet he returns!!

  • Jeff

    I am glad you guys brought that up because that was the one other option I was going to put up was either Jericho or Edge being a member. I cant see both men coming back, I just wonder if creative has actually made a final decision on who the members are gonna be.

  • nottingham

    Exactly…. The whole internal strife thing is obviously a setup… They’ll then announce the two new members at Summerslam and it will of course be Edge and Jericho.

    Sadly, the more time passes… The more it looks like it’s gonna be Kane and Taker all over again… The only question is will they let Kane hold the title until WM and do his farewell match there… Or will they have a running feud that culminates there.

  • Mel_C

    I think its all a ploy by team WWE. They want to get into Nexus’ head.. What a better way to get the upper hand than to play mind games?

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