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The Goldberg Kick Which Contributed To Bret Hart’s Retirement


  • shaneo

    bret states in his book that right after he was thrown into the ropes Goldberg called an unplanned spot and basically just shouted “watch the kick” before bret knew what was going on he was on the floor with his head throbbing from the mule kick he just received.he also says that while bill could be dangerous in the ring,as he was still kinda green at that point,was a good hearted gut and was always willing to learn.

  • rikardo

    i dont doubt it W-E he did work stiff

  • Robinson

    thats funny because i’ve always heard that bret said it wasn’t his fault and it was just one of those “shit happens” moments

  • W-E

    Good debate guys. This was Hart’s last match and the several concussions he suffered in this match were said to be what finally put him on the self. Hart also mentioned that Goldberg was a danger to work matches with.

  • Big T

    Goldberg was an awesome part of wrestling during his time. He is maybe as important to wrestling as Stone Cold and The Rock. I wouldn’t put him on the level of the UnderTaker or Bret, but he was a pretty big fan draw. He made WCW and WWE alot of money and for that reason he should be a lock for the HoF.
    I’m not really schooled on the whole Bret Hart kick to the head, but that didn’t look too serious. Did Bret Hart blame his career ending on Goldberg? Or is that just a bleeding-heart fan thing?

  • Gary

    ^AGREED! i been saying that for years and keep gettin shot down by hart lovers….I respect hart alot but it wasnt Goldbergs ‘Fault’

  • Ryan

    you do realize that hart is the one that messed up by not getting his hands up in position to take most of the blow

  • centerman

    Part of the reason I’m no Goldberg fan. Brett’s career was too short. I NEVER want to see Goldberg in the WWE HOF.