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Computer Viruses may have delayed the results being announced but without further ado, here are the results for The Hottest Women of Wrestling as VOTED BY YOU!!! Hundreds of you have voted and the votes have been tallied, all of the points have been assigned and the list is finalized, so here it is.

Before we count down the top ten, here are some interesting notes regarding the list…

• a total of 101 different women were voted for in the poll.
• 7 women were tied for last position, with each receiving only 1 point – these women include: Tamina, ODB, Savannah, Missy Hyatt, Nadia, Heidi Lee Morgan and Vickie Guerrero.
• Coming in at #24 was Brie Bella, beating out her sister who came in at #27.
• Coming in at #42 was Santina Marella – placing higher then over half the list.
• Coming in at #11 and just missing out on the Top Ten was Christy Hemme.

So without further ado, let’s count down the ladies who you voted into the Top Ten.


The original diva kicks off the list, coming in at #10. Sunny was making a name for herself, well before any other lady in this list. In fact, her big time debut came more then a decade before some of the ladies in this list – it goes to show that time hasn’t worked against Sunny and she is still regarded as one of the most beautiful divas in wrestling history.


The flawless Diva Search Winner and former Women’s slash Diva’s Champion comes in at #9 and is the only woman in the Top Ten born outside of either the USA or Canada.


Arguably the most important diva in an era that saw women’s wrestling in WWE thrive, the extreme diva comes in at #8, with more then 100points more then #10 and 70 more then #9.


Miss Barbie Blank comes in at #7. This former exhibitionist is the youngest lady on the list, having only turned 24 this past month.


Maryse is the highest placed female to have come through the Diva Search competition. The lady who finished 7th in the 2006 Diva Search, interestingly places higher then all the winners.


Stacy and her lovely legs come in at #5, placing significantly higher then any other former Nitro Girl – in fact, the highest placed former Nitro Girl other then Stacy is Kimberly Page who placed at #40.


Of the 7 WWE Divas that appeared in Playboy whilst with the company, 4 of them placed between #11 and #15 – only 1 actually made it into the Tope Ten and that former cover girl is none other then Torrie Wilson. With 33% of the Top 15 posing for Playboy whilst contracted to WWE, one must wonder if such a photo shoot makes a difference – I however, like to think that Miss Wilson comes in a #4 because she charmed the audiences and was quite frankly, one beautiful lady.


Velvet Sky comes in at #3 and interestingly, is the only lady in the top ten that hasn’t had a reasonable run within the WWE.


Mickie James may have come in second, but this lady appeared in more lists then any other female on this list – 7 more in fact then the lady at #1. The lack of points may have prevented her securing that top spot, but regardless, Miss James is widely regarded as one of the most lovely women in wrestling.


Taking out the #1 spot with ease is the woman that many consider the best ever – extremely talented within the ring, witty on the mic and as this poll proves, still regarded as one of the most beautiful women to ever step between the ropes. With nearly a hundred points more then second place, Trish Stratus topped the poll by a mile.

  • erik

    This is hottest women in wrestling so natural trish would get it. if it was the best women’s wrestlers of all time. wwe would not have that much. right now tna has better wrestlers than wwe. tna mickie james victoria sarita rosita angelina love katie lea. wwe only has natyla beth melina and gail kim.

  • kat

    wow no one gives lita the crited she deserves. like come on kelly kelly, stacy and torrie, what have they done?? lita should be in the top three at least!

  • kat

    wow no one gives lita the created she deserves. like come on kelly kelly, stacy and torrie, what have they done?? lita should be in the top three at least!

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Trish Stratus at #1… no arguement from me. Just glad to see my fave Layla was in the top 10.

    @ Unique…. He does mean Torrie Wilson. It SAYS Torrie Wilson!!!

  • TeddyG

    have TO conciede – sorry, couldn’t type properly thinking about Sunny at her best! ha ha

  • TeddyG

    Have yo conciede… Sunny in her day WAS totally awesome. Just a shame how she went after Candido’s death. Be interesting to see who tops the chart next time.

  • Daniel Stockwell

    More people voted for Brie other then Nicki – strangely, the men who voted for Brie didn’t have Nicki listed. Strange considering they are identical.

    Hemme was in and out of the Top Ten, so was Sable for that matter – but Sunny came through with heaps of votes towards the end and got the spot.

  • TeddyG

    Christy Hemme only number 11?? as for everyone getting hot under the collar about Mickie James – have a look here – if you print the pic’s don’t forget to laminate them for easy cleaning!! ha ha

  • marcum

    how did the bellas get different rating? i thought they were twins

  • Rucdogg

    I think he was talking about Tori, Kanes old gf, the one that likes smoked suasage. Mickie should have been number one, and where kinda i find these dirty pics i keep hearing about?

  • Orkyboy

    @ david said so

    The list is for the Hottest Women in Wrestling. If it was the Best Women Wrestlers then the list would be very different…and TNA would have more representatives

  • trish number 1, who else did you think it will be, but where the hell is sable.

  • david said so

    funny tna has 1 diva n 2 if u wanna count mickie who is wwe product but just goes 2 show howw wwe has dominated tna

  • Rich

    we all knew trish stratus was gonna be #1

  • Vinny

    hey roadsign, theres plenty of women prettier than trish stratus… plenty. I don’t pop a woody over every woman I see. Apparently you do cause you probably don’t get laid much, or at all for tht matter.

  • SusyRko

    Yes my bad, I don’t know how I didn’t see Torrie Wilson, I voted for Santina numerous times

  • Ronald

    Where was Mae Young and Awesome Kong? Huh? And I voted for Bertha Faye and Luna too! I demand a recount!

  • RoadSign

    You must be gay.

  • Vinny

    trish stratus is completely overrated! and ugly too IMO

  • keylo

    With nearly a hundred points more then second place, Trish Stratus topped the poll by a mile.

    And rightly so as she has everything you want in a female. I was shocked to see Mickie up ahead of Stacey, but as they say each to their own liking.

  • Unique

    Yo Daniel….
    I was CLEARLY talking about the dude that was above me asking where Torrie was….I said ‘HE (the dude that was above me asking where Torrie was, who has strangely disappeared now) wasn’t talking about Torrie Wilson……i thought he might have been talking about Torrie…Kane’s ex’… my post says……CLEARLY….at least on my screen

  • Daniel Stockwell

    It clearly says, Torrie Wilson – on my page at least.

    Also Suzy – Santina was in 9 different lists. The list was a bit of fun so I decided to keep Santina listed after the first vote he/she received – then strangely, more people voted. He actually placed higher then a lot of lovely women – including So Cal Val, Molly Holly, Taylor Wilde and Tiffany – the last one disappointed me as Tiffany was in my personal list but as I said, it twas all in good fun.

  • rick

    Yeah I was surprised Mickie ranked so high too. It probably has something to do with all of those dirty, dirty pictures.

  • RVD420

    Trish and Stacy are a tie IMO. Amazing Mickie James’ ranked so high on this list. She’s got a great ass though.

  • Unique

    I dont think he means Torrie Wilson….he means Torrie…Kane’s Ex

  • Kris

    torrie was number 4

  • CC

    Torrie is at #4

  • SusyRKO

    Besides me, who voted for Santina Marella? my favorite The Bellas and wheres is Torrie?