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- The buzz at RAW last night in Washington, DC was that Shawn Michaels will make his return to the ring at SummerSlam and as speculated before, may be on RAW next week. More new promotional material for the pay-per-view just released is still featuring Shawn, for what it’s worth.

- ESPN talked about WWE ripping off their Scrabble promo with Shaquille O’Neal on RAW last night. Here are two separate reports:

Charlie sent the following: I was just watching SportsCenter and they highlighted Shaq’s appearance on Raw. One of the anchors asked where was Kamala the Ugandan Giant, as a joke. They then took WWE to task for blatantly stealing the bit from the Santino-Shaq Scrabble game where Santino asked, “Where did you get all the ‘Q’s’” from the ESPN commercial calling it, “Just plain lazy.”

David sent the following: I just saw ESPN’s coverage of Shaq on RAW. They got in the fake jabs, mocked the WWE writers for stealing the ESPN commercial (the Scrabble bit) that they did with Shaq verbatim.

  • dx baby

    screw micheals we want x-pac

  • Paul Levesque


  • Sir William

    Hmm, I see that a lot of people comment on the news articles that don’t comment on editorials. You guys know that most of the wrestling discussions take place on Editorial pages, right? Try going there sometime- IF you want to discuss wrestling.

  • 6burgh

    dx(again) vs legacy at summerslam. wont be surprise if hbk is the guest host first opon his return.

  • Rubnyballs

    Yeah right!!!!

  • Kyle

    thats because espn has all of those little grown men that are 5 foot 9 inches and 180 lbs.they are all snippy and just trying to get cheap shots in while they can.

  • Christian

    I instantly recognized the Shaq scramble thing from an ESPN commercial. I thought it was pretty funny. I don’t see why ESPN would be taking shots at Raw. Honestly, who cares

  • dic

    WWE stealing someone else’s ideas? What else is new?

  • Summer

    Can’t wait to see Shawn back in action!

  • michael

    u shut up raziel shaq is a professional athlete not a fake wrestler so wwe could of been a lil more original

  • Raziel

    How about they shut the fuck up and report on the games last night.

  • Jon

    I guess that what happen when Coach work for ESPN. He bringing ESPN idea into the WWE.

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