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- The Rock has been added to WWE’s Alumni section as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

From Devin Cutting: While the USA Network opted to stop censoring the word “ass” on Johnson’s promo last night, The Score in Canada bleeped every mention.

- Tickets for WWE’s Summerslam pay-per-view are scheduled to go on sale at 10AM Pacific time today.

  • OhYeaaaah

    The Score has a 15 minutes delay so that is the reason they were able to bleeped all o them

  • Wes

    over on the east LIVE they stopped after the first bleep then they let it go! it was electrifying !!!

  • CC

    @yechiel. Shut up you fucking moron.

  • Rich


  • CC

    @Nate. Ass was the only word they censored here, so as I say, it was the US feed as per usual.

  • B

    In UK, Sky tried to bleep it, but they were too late about 80% of the time. The only time the censor was on the ball was during the laptop up Michael Cole’s Candy Ass bit, as heck even my grandma probably knew what was coming by then.

  • Rich

    @yechiel..the rock will shine up your computer real good..turn that sonofabitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass

  • TomC

    Keep it up, Yentl … the only thing you’re doing is providing some comic relief for the rest of us. When you get tire of being a moron, go take your nap and ask your mommy to make din din for you.

    what a clown.

  • yechiel{israel}

    who cares what he has to say,the great one? really? you are all bunch of fools. funny thing is although cena is popular with the kids,the rock is the one doing the disney crap and don’t get the heat for that. all of you are bunch of hypocrites. bottom line is the rock is a sell-out. i’m amazed how stupid all of you are.

  • TomC

    On the west coast, the HD broadcast was LIVE – so we caught it. CLASSIC

  • Jacob

    On the east coast they stopped censoring everything after 11:05pm, I don’t know if anyone caught it.

  • TomC

    Been watching for when they would finally release the date for this year’s SummerSlam – it’s AUGUST 14 @ Staples Center in Los Angeles !!!

    TOTALLY PSYCHED, cuz there’s a 97% chance I’m going to be able to go … in one of the luxury suites, no less. (It’s true, in Hollywood, it IS who ya know) ;) It will be the first PPV I will have ever been to in my 26+ yr fandom of professional wrestling. (Been to several RAW & NITROs).

  • Nate

    Actually CC hardly any of it was censored in the States last night. They censored ass maybe twice and everything else was left alone. When he said turn that sonofabitch sideways they left it uncensored.

  • oxslangshoot

    cant cencor the crowd or real life, the crowd should start rude chants

  • CC

    @Sam, the probability there though is that it was censored in the States rather than by Sky as dont forget its a live satellite feed and Sky would likely have little or no control over the live airing.
    Dont forget, they nearly always show the first showing well after watershed here of any WWE shows, especially as anything live is in the early hours of the morning, so there is no reason for them to censor it.
    Now when they show repeats on a Saturday afternoon, that gets censored all over the place, including going black and white if there is blood, or cutting to the crowd if there is a chair shot.

  • http://www.wrestling-edge,com Sam Peters

    Showing on Sky Sports in the UK, it was bleeped

  • !?

    I guess the USA Network was like “F*ck It” LMAO!

  • nobody

    That’s not true. They missed the first one. Kinda makes the whole 15 minutes preemption worthless when they can’t keep up even though they have that luxury of going back and editing before the show actually starts here.

  • mark

    whats the point in censoring it?? doh!!!

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