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The Rock: “I’m Absolutely Thrilled and Fired Up to be the Host of WrestleMania”

– World Wrestling Entertainment issued a press release to promote Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s appearance as guest host at WrestleMania 27.

“I’m absolutely thrilled and fired up to be the host of WrestleMania,” Johnson says. “My goal was to partner up with Vince McMahon and WWE to create and deliver something globally entertaining and electrifying.

“As an actor, entertainer and someone who both loves and has grown up in the sports entertainment business, the opportunity to host 75,000 passionate fans in a live venue, not to mention the millions that will be watching worldwide, is not only thrilling but quite honestly the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s going to be one helluva an epic night.”

To read the full press release, visit

  • I was only thinking of The Rocks dad (Rocky Johnson) and forgot all about the Samoans which included The Rocks grandfather­r I think.. They were a wrestling family and very very nice on the­.

  • Nicholas G

    The Rock being back brought a breath of fresh air to the WWE. It Really Doesn’t matter what the haters on the internet think. Because lets face the Rock never really had much fan on the internet. Oh by the way his movies are really not all that bad in fact The Rock is one of the most talk about actor in Hollywood. He is doing a much better job than a lot of wrestler from the past. Trust me there has been worst wrestler who went to Hollywood an there career in Hollywood sucked. But the Rock has stuck with it an has had some success.

    But back to this bad Monday Night did you feel it. The Rock going to let some numbers on Raw leading up to Wrestlmania. With the Undertaker and HHH soon to return Raw looking pretty good right now. This is give the young talent a chance to step up to the plate. Because The Rock is not going to wrestle he is just there for entertainment. Trust me I respect the Rock but his wrestling skills were not all that great. But he always said when he was wrestling that he was an entertainer first.

    In closing love see the Rock back one more time. I know he is going into the WWE Hall of Fame next year since it is in his home town. So we are going to have The Rock for the next 2 Wrestlmania.

  • damkat

    @tom…just tom.
    You nailed it, If only one superstar of this era could even come close to the level The Rock is and captivate the fans the way he can then we may not miss guys like him and Austin as much! To bad no one comes close.

  • Triple H

    i just wanted to say i farted one time when i did the pedigree

  • Tom… Just Tom

    There is one thing the Rock coming back to the WWE proved… NO ONE IN THE WWE IS ON HIS LEVEL!!! Someone like him is what they have been missing.

  • JOE

    @rich what kid?

  • CC

    @TomC …”yentl” … we may not always agree, but that honestly made me laugh out loud.

  • TomC

    “The Undertaker” has “charisma ??” Perhaps when he was donning his “American Badass” persona earlier in the decade, but his “dead man” character hardly is a bastion of “charisma.”

    Cena has plenty of charisma of his own – and he demonstrates it weekly. THANK GOD he dropped the whole “rapper” act.

  • nando

    its all about talent and charisma. John Cena earned everything he has now by his hard work, he is NOT well talented or with good charisma. wrestlers who “have it” are: The Rock, Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker.

  • dave

    rock been gone 7 yrs n come bak to say the same old lines n jokes yeah

  • TomC

    Umm, guys . . . hate to break this to you, but Cena DOES get pretty amazing reactions – or maybe you haven’t been paying close enough attention. They’re BOTH top superstars for their respective eras.

  • Azn

    The Rock is the best on the mic.
    His wrestling skills are average at best.
    His acting isnt very good but its not bad either. Although he’s made about 10 movies at least they were all different.
    In Faster, he was just a man on a mission. He was suppose to be stone cold killer and that’s it.

  • adam

    Ya cena only wishes he can get a reaction like that maybe if he goes away for seven years. Rock is an alright actor and all his movies arnt the same movie with a different name like cenas

  • Waka Flocka

    Here is the difference between rock and cena for you yenchie. Rock put almost every ass in every seat from 98 to when he left. All Cena can do is get 8 year olds to wave their hands in front of their faces

  • cyndi

    one to gang up on one person because they speak there mind and dont agree with the majority is childish and to be honest Rusty who cares what you think? lol so don’t get on Yentl for speaking their mind when your getting as much right to run you mouth and fyi “IT WRESTLING” so maybe pipe down and don’t work yourself up so much and maybe find a hobby

  • Something to say

    Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Either you love the guy for what he is and what he did while an “active” member of wwf/wwe you cant take away what he gave the fans. Is the guy a sell out? Well thats debate that will never end. Can you fault a guy for choosing a new career path? Then only to say after 7 years away he still a sell out. Then he comes back….. Well…. He’s was and always is a great entertainer. Popularity made him and the fans made him who he is. Its always great to see him on the mic doing what he does best. I never heard nor have I that he was a unpopular locker room guy. Most if all that worked with him have nothing but good things to say about him. Love him or hate him, he represents what we’ve all been missing. The good old days. Its no different than when stone cold left. While he not active I mean look at all the guys who are trying to branch outside of the wresting business. They cant wrestle for ever. So when they hang it up walk away or what ever there issue. Can you fault them? I think not. Plus 90% if the stuff regarding what happened is 2nd hand information. And if you have any common sense to you never relay on 2nd hand information. It was nice to see him on TV again. Even if for only a few appearances. Enjoy it as much as you can. As who knows when he will be back.

  • Adrian

    we need him to end the Cena Generation. then he can say

    “Finally The Rock has buried Cena’s Career”


    how did the rock sell out, he moved onto a new career while he was still in the best shape of his life and when new guys were coming in and getting pushes i.e brock lesnar. he stepped aside for a new generation to take the helm.

    just out of interest yechiel of israel, are there any wrestlers you do like. you have so far panned the rock and the undertaker. 2 stalwarts of wwe history.

    difference between cena and the rock, think the rock pointed out all cena ”foirballs” last night. cena is an idiot, if wrestlers like the rock and austin hadnt have left he may not have got the push he did at the times he did.

    but you dont think that do you yechiel?
    what do you think yechiel?


  • TomC

    Hey Yentl, you’re doing nothing BUT talking b/s.

    If you think that most don’t see you for exactly what you are – a troll trying to purposefully stir up trouble – then you’re even less intelligent than anyone here gives you credit for (if at all).

    By all means, keep the comedy coming, CLOWN

  • Rich

    @EnderMX..haha thats hilarious
    @yachiel.yeah but you’re just being a douche like that other kid a few months back..the rock’s ovation kills anything u have to didn’t grow up in the attitude era kid so how bout”YO KNOW YOUR DAMN ROLE AND SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH”

  • yechiel{israel}

    forgive me for raining on your parade but i’m entitled to have an opinion an not be a sheep. at least i’m honest and not talking b/s like your hero? someone can tell me the difference between cena and the rock?{by the way i saw “faster” last week and the bottom line is he can’t act}

  • EnderMX

    Damn, I wanted Bob Barker to host 🙁

  • Rich

    @yechiel..go kill yourself for talking about the legend…the great one will lube up your little computer.turn that sonofabitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass

  • TomC

    Keep it up, Yentl . . . a few more of your immature moronic posts and we won’t be seeing much of you here anymore. 😉

  • yechiel{israel}

    it doesn’t matter what you have to say!!!! you sold-out. i can’t see cena but i can smell the s…. you’re talking. he’s definitely not a legend. he’s good with the mic{cena too}he’s not a good wrestler{cena too}i’m not a hypocrite like the rest of you,for me they both suck.

  • TomC

    Incidentally, if the STING rumors had been true, how cool would a Rock v Sting match at WM have been? Never been seen before.

  • TomC

    “Host Host Host” … he’s being VERY careful not to overstep his “role” in all of this and give the fans a false sense that he is “back” to become any semblance of a recurring wrestling performer on WWE programming.

    Actually, it’s kind of ironic . . . he “knows his role” and is “shutting his mouth.” 😉