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  • Matt

    Pat. Your retarded. Not everyone whos big is on steriods. You obviously have no idea of what the body is capable of looking like when your diet is flawless and your gym routing is insane. Run back down to KFC for another bucket you retard.

  • awsome

    anyone that thinks he aint on the juice is freaking blind

  • He definitely has a right to show off his enormous muscles. I’ve been training in jiu jitsu for the last couple of months, and I’m hoping it helps me in my next MMA fight. However, I don’t know if anything would help me if I were fighting The Rock.

  • Bubba Zinetti

    No doubt he works out and is in amazing shape, but I see a few tell tale signs that suggest steroids as well as some that he might be using synthol as well. Not the crappy obviously poor job of injecting it that you see with a lot of guys, but a more professionally done job. It would be no surprise if he was using one or a combination of both. He had puffy breasts indicative of a steroid or oil injector all the way back to his earliest of WWF days. Injections typically last anywhere from 2-5 years and when he made his brief return to WWE, his chest was noticeably more normal in proportion to his body.

  • frankiid22

    hell naw i wouldnt travel for the fraction of that, and he is not on steroids.. pat ur a trip.. but i bet u r.. he looks nice, but he might be tired of the disney movies in tights, and trying to get another role in the theaters..

  • vinnie

    Looks like PhotoShop was involved

  • James

    why do you say he has to be on roids. he shaved his head, and worked out alot why would you take steroids to be a movie actor?

  • Pat

    Definitely steroids. No doubt about it. There are many “signs” of steroid usage, and those signs can be observed here.

  • He did admit to trying roids in college but I don’t think he would now. Yes, I miss Rock and the whole attitude era but why put your body on the line for pennies to hollywood DOLLARS!

  • W-E

    The Rock doesn’t strike you as the type of guy that would use any kind of substance to get big – I bet it’s just his gym routine!

  • damkat

    Why is it everyone who is big is accused of doing riods…gimme a break. He will not wrestle again cause he gets paid 8-10 million/per movie….would you wrestle, and travel for about 10% of that income.

  • idontknow2

    It’s me or he looks like roid-tista?

  • Rob

    And he won’t wrestle again….Why?