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  • Danarchy

    Aked if u agree simple answer Fuck No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Orkyboy

    While it is a subjective list by the creator and many of us will disagree with alot of the list and its order, I say well done on several points.

    1. For taking the time to compile the video
    2. For including Chris Benoit when so many try to erase him from history
    3. The choice of No. 1 as no-one on here has disagreed!!

  • Seth

    I’ve never seen a finishing movie. How are there 50 finishing MOVIES. It’s a FINISHING MOVE! Geez, if you can’t even double check your work, don’t post it, and Wrestling Edge, shame on you for not checking it before putting it on the site.

  • Jon-Jon

    The 619 can be done by so many people, Rey just made it famous. Any of ya’ll know the Mashup Maker KayfabeMashupz? Well he’s a pro wrestler now, and I saw one of his moves in a match he was managaing someone in. The opponent was laying face up on the mat close to the ropes. And Kayfabe ran at the ropes and did a 619 but when comeing through on the motion where he would hit the opponents face, he came all the way through and landed right on topeof his competitor. It was pretty awesome.

  • Robinson

    I agree. 70% of this list is boogus or not in the correct line-up at all. It was probably a 11 year old kid.

  • Big T

    None of Cena’s moves are really that impressive. I liked Goldbergs spear. Hogan’s finisher isn’t in my top 50. How about the Diamond Cutter? Jericho’s lion tamer was way better than the walls of jericho. Just some thoughts.

  • Daniel Stockwell

    There are quite a few moves there which are not even finishing moves – signature yes, but not finishing. Plus, how is HBK’s Sharpshooter higher then Bret’s, in fact – why is HBK’s Sharpshooter in there to begin with – I can name several finishing moves that are better – and for that matter, I could nae several moves better then a good portion of these selections – this was truly a terrible list.

  • Vampirekiller

    Ok who ever made this video obviously has the biggest hard on for overhyped and overrated wrestlers because how can u have all of Cena’s moves and hogan’s move in here that was awful. How is it the perfect plex is 30 but the FU is 6. Really, what about the 450 or the testdrive that was an awesome move. and the 619 is also a crappy move

  • Jay

    The Five Knuckle Shuffle…Are you kidding me? Also it was the SharpShooter, not Shotter.