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The Usos possibly have backstage heat in the company

Often considered as one of the top tag teams in the company talent-wise, The Usos have relatively nothing to show for in the past few months. Despite ending as the sole survivor in the tag-team Survivor Series traditional bout, the victory was not even acknowledged to highlight RAW’s “clean sweep” over the blue brand.

Having been pushed down to kickoff matches more often than not, Brad Shepard claimed on the Oh You Didn’t Know Podcast that he conversed with a source in the WWE regarding the Usos. He said:

“I had an interesting conversation with a source in WWE about the Usos. As you know I’ve mentioned a few times that I believe that I believe they’re the greatest tag team of this generation and so the source has agreed with me when I questioned, ‘Who the hell have the Usos pissed off?’ Because they still manage to be on the kickoff show so much yet they’re having legitimate exceptional matches by today’s standards. They do well, yet they always end up it seems like in every case they end up on the kickoff show and I don’t understand that one at all.”

While the source did not exactly know the details behind the potential heat on Usos, their booking in the near future might give an indication of the situation.


  • CC

    Let’s just get this straight. For the longest time people have all been saying that WWE does not give a damn about its tag team division, and the weakness of the pre show match line up shows that. Tag team matches, even title ones have been relegated to the lower card or pre show for ages now, no matter who is champion at the time or in the division.
    The only tag team that gets any real air time is New Day and that is all because of the gimmick and its popularity specifically among the kids.

    Hell, we have even seen the IC and US titles be relegated to the pre-show as well.
    Nothing to do with heat on anyone, just WWE and their lack of interest in anything other than the top titles most of the time.

    Hell, if the Usos have heat, what does Nakamura have?

    This is a total non-story.

  • EVH

    despite having a “generic” move set they still put on great matches, you should be praising them for their ability to squeeze the most out of their “generic” moves.

  • oppa

    Their semi related to Nia. That’s why.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I remember for a while there, one of them was using the Tequila Sunrise submission, that was cool.

  • Unos #1Fan

    This piece says nothing really

  • MT McGee

    You can’t always be in the spot light or you get beyond stale, just look at the New Day. If I had to guess why the Usos have heat, if indeed they do, it’s because their move set is so generic. Nothing but Samoan drops, splashes, dives, and super kicks. Talk about a snooze fest. Do a suplex. Learn a leg lock. Something.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I suppose the entire cruiserweight division pissed someone off for months,then, ’cause they’re usually on the pre show, if they can get on PPV at all.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Typos and the rumor mill. Damn, good article, the best so far. Makes me want to read more. Really!

  • BB

    This was the worst article.

  • CC

    So basically this Brad Shepherd said to someone in WWE, and the guy said “I don’t know.”
    Great story.