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It is that time of year when every man and his blog come out with their versions of the best wrestlers for the year. So I will jump on the band wagon, and bring you my yearly WWE inspired The Kanga’s -‘The View From Down Under‘ 2015 wrestling awards.

Wrestler Of The Year:

Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose

And the Kanga goes to …Seth Rollins, in a year where the 3 former Shield all had great individual years and battle it out not only for championships but for the title of wrestler of the year, it was Seth Rollins who has come out just in front. After a very controversial start to his WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign, by the time his injury hit, he had convinced most of us he belonged at the top of the WWE roster. Consistent high quality matches against a variety of opponents, greatly improved mic work, and without a doubt the best heel currently going around the WWE. He will be missed while he heals.

Seth wins

Tag Team Of The Year:

The New Day

The Usos

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

And the Kanga goes to……The New Day, 3 mid card wrestlers given an awful gimmick, but have turned themselves into one of the most entertaining wrestlers currently on the WWE. They did this through not taking themselves too seriously, having fun with the hand they were dealt, but most importantly performing in the ring.

I was very glad to see Kofi, claim the tag titles in a ladder match, Kofi climbing the ladder and grabbing the titles is a moment he has earned.

Female Wrestler of the year

Nikki Bella



Sasha Banks

And the Kanga goes to……Nikki Bella, In a time when there is finally a change in the Women’s division, Nikki Bella has finally shown the potential in the ring we have been waiting to see since the Bella twins made their debut. This should be her last big run as womens/diva champion as the next generation of women wrestlers are very quickly taking over. But for now, Nikki is still the queen.


paige and nikki bella


Match Of The Year

WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Rollins vs. Cena, WWE, “Royal Rumble 2014,” Jan. 25, 2015

Kevin Owens vs. John Cena, WWE, “Elimination Chamber,” May 31, 2015

The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar WWE Summer Slam  August 23rd 2015

Sasha Banks vs Bayley Ironman match Takeover10/07/15

And the Kanga goes to……Kevin Owens vs. John Cena, Elimination Chamber, a match that showed those like myself who had not seen much of Keven Owens, just what all the hype is about. Owens and Cena, went close to equaling this match a month later at Money in the Bank, but this match had everyone talking about just how far Owens can go. And for all those Cena haters, he put Owens over clean in this match and yet again he is part of another wrestling match of the year.


PPV Of The Year

Wrestlemania 31


Summer Slam

Money In the Bank

And the Kanga goes to…..Wrestlemania 31 We had Seth Rollins cash in his MITB brief case, which he did after Reigns and Lesnar had beaten the hell out of each other. Seth was lucky to be there after surviving the best RKO in history. An awesome intercontinental ladder match, tag team mayhem early in the show, seeing Sting and some nostalgia and a much better Andre the giant battle royal this year. My only low point was The Rock, Ronda Rousey/ Triple H and Stephanie McMahon segment went on far too long. One of the best Wrestlemania in years.



New Superstar of the year

Andrian Neville

Kevin Owens

Sasha Banks


And the Kanga goes to…..Keven Owens, ruled over NXT, then made the trasition to the WWE main event roster and from the moment he walked out has not looked out of placed. Had great matches with John Cena, Cesaro and Dean Ambrose and until recently has looked dominate against all comers. I for one am hoping that the option/rumored match of Owens vs. Lesnar at Wrestlemania goes ahead.



The “I’m Special award”


Zac Ryder


The Miz

Adrian Neville


This award goes to the individual, tag team or stable who while they may not have won to many matches, turn up each week, do their job without any fuss or fanfare.

And the ‘I’m Special’ kanga goes to……The Miz, here is a former WWE world champion who now is excelling in his role of helping / putting other superstars. This is an essential role in the WWE, and having former champions such as Kane, Mark Henry and The Miz in these roles adds to the push of the selected superstar. Although I would like to see The Miz in another main event run.

……And finally……


Major Moment Of The Year

Seth Rollins Cashing in his MITB

Sheamus Cashing in his MITB

Kevin Owens Beating John Cena

The crowd turning on Roman Reigns

And the Kanga goes to…..The crowd turning on Roman Reigns, this moment at te Royal Rumble this year caused the WWE to change and modify their plans for the second straight year. This is the moment when the WWE (hopefully) finally realise that they cannot force a wrestling down the fans throat hoping that the fans will accept this wrestler as their new main event superstar.



Agree or disagree with my award winners, let me know…


Hooroo and see you next week.


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