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Theme for New WWE Roundtables, Steve Austin Takes a Shot at Brock Lesnar, More

– Justin Credible turns 38 years old today while Missy Hyatt turns 48.

– The Rock mentioned on Twitter that work on Fast Six will begin soon.

– As noted before, Jim Ross will be headed to WWE headquarters this week to film two new Legends Roundtables with Roddy Piper, Diamond Dallas Page, Michael Hayes and host Gene Okerlund. Piper has been plugging his appearance on Twitter and noted that one of the Roundtable discussions will be on Rebels & Outlaws.

– Steve Austin took a shot at Brock Lesnar on his Twitter this weekend:

“Hell..once Brock heard that glass break in Atlanta…he’d of been so nervous, he would have blown a tackle, drop down, hip toss spot. #uhoh One tackle, drop down, duck the clothes line, watch out for the Iron Claw…good night folks.”

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Brock failed at football, Got injured in wrestling and quit. Failed at football again then turned to Ultimate fighting where he is sick or injured alot more than he is fighting. Ahhhh the wonders of steroids. HAHAHA Bring on the pain? Brock has clearly shown that he cant handle the pain.

  • K Roy

    wow you are both completely and utterly wrong about lesnar and angle…lesnar did nothing to angles neck at all, angle wasnt even supposed to wrestle the match at mania 19 but did against doctors orders and hense had the surgery after…maybe your thinking of brocks shooting star press attempt that gave himself a concussion? im not sure, but he was for sure never dangerous in the ring like goldberg, brock is a lifetime high level WRESTLER and knows what he is doing…

    get your facts straight…

  • Centerman

    Why do once great Wrestlers have verbal wars? Have any of them ever backed up the talk with real in ring action?

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Brock never brock angles neck. Angle had been dealin wit it for a long while. i think that the most Lesnar did was aggravate it which led to angle havin the surgery immediately after mania

  • Kiwi as bro

    And also more then likely there being a risk of Brock breaking Austins neck like he did to Angle

  • venom

    As much as I would like to see Brock wrestle Austin, I don’t think it will happen because Austin will probably only wrestle Punk and thats it.

  • Dave L

    Wow Austin’s gettin soft, it only took him what 3 days to think of a comeback!

  • Devil_Rising

    Lesnar is and always has been a joke. The only difference between him and someone like Batista… that Lesnar, to his credit, could actually wrestle.

  • CM Mark

    +1,000,000,000 for the Iron Claw reference.

  • What

    Can someone explain that tweet in English??