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Theme for WWE SummerSlam, CM Punk Gives Props to Ambrose, Cena’s Dad

– The first theme song for WWE’s 2012 SummerSlam pay-per-view is “Don’t Give Up (Rhythmic Remix)” by Kevin Rudolf. WWE released the following promo video for SummerSlam:

– As noted before, Dean Ambrose worked weekend RAW live events against Alex Riley. WWE Champion CM Punk posted a photo of Ambrose walking down the ramp and called him “our secret weapon.”

– John Cena, Sr. had a brief spot in the WWE Title match at Saturday night’s WWE Supershow in Lowell, Massachusetts. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were fighting on the floor when Punk held Bryan and allowed Cena, Sr. to headbutt him in the chest. Cena, Sr. is a regular at WWE events in the Northeast.

  • Vic

    Now you guys are complaing about the theme music for the PPVs haha oh Lord. There really is no pleasing you people.

  • adam

    B p s a I w k t all

  • scooter

    Let’s kill vince! Apparently Hunters a massive metal head so taking out vince will bring back motorhead!

  • Buttercastle

    Now that WWE is “mainstream” get used to hearing junk music my friends.

  • Bill

    Damn, all of this pop is getting annoying for the big PPVs. Use some rock, or even make up your own stuff. Summerslam 2002’s theme was a production theme, but it was way better than this.

  • scooter

    So still no real music for ppv themes then eh?