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Third Elimination From NXT Made, Diva Interested In Joining The Nexus, More

— The results of the latest NXT Poll were revealed on tonight’s episode of WWE NXT and it was disclosed that Aksana has been eliminated from the competition.

Immediately following the announcement, “The Billion Dollar Baby” pretended to faint. Aksana grabbed the mic from the floor and said, “Somebody make mistake.” She vowed to come back and said she will go to Vince McMahon’s office and write a letter. She then blew kisses to the crowd and walked up the ramp before being stopped by Goldust. He pulled out a piece of paper and said he wants a divorce. She screamed and stormed off.

It was announced that an elimination would occur on next week’s show. Three contestants remain—AJ, Kaitlyn and Naomi. The season finale takes place two weeks from now.

— The Nov. 13 episode of A.M. Raw scored a 0.47 cable rating, with 516,000 viewers. (source:

— Eliminated NXT season three contestant Maxine set a manipulated photo of herself donning a Nexus T-shirt as her avatar on Twitter. She teasingly wrote “Never know!!” in regards to joining the faction.

See photo of Justin Gabriel with Kelly Kelly ->

  • Tammy

    maxine should not hold her breath on nexus letting her join their faction they got plenty of members and with her attitude no one would want her to join their group stick to a day job

  • Truthiness

    It was “disclosed?” Really? The writing on this site is laughable.

  • OhYeaaaah

    More funny, W-E is blocking the word g-a-y.

    It should read “Justin Gabriel – G-a-y..”

  • OhYeaaaah

    LOL, if you click on “See photo of Justin Gabriel with Kelly Kelly ->”

    The header of the page says” Justin Gabriel – Gay -..”

    Probably a know fact but this is funny!

  • john N

    Aj is the best lookin ota the three of them. but kaitlyns gona win i think shes had the biggest push ota them all wuld make sense for her 2 win but AJ is amazin

  • RRTP

    what diva wants to join nexus retard

  • adam tarasievich

    aj will win she has the most talent in the ring. Katlyn is great on the mic but needs work in the ring. Naomi isnt really that good in either honestly. I mean most of the bad matches on nxt involved her.

  • George

    I hope AJ wins.

  • Zach

    AJ is gonna win. I’ve said it from the start and I’ll stick to it until the end.

  • In Grind We Crust

    I’d be content with any of the 3

  • erik

    It doesn’t matter who wins nxt. They will be jobbing to kelly lmao kelly and layla and mctaker anyway.

  • DA 420 KING


  • Adam

    Naomi and AJ should at least be the final two remaining. They’re the only good ones this season.

  • Jobber

    WWE is so terrible. MMA is so much better. Everyone that watches WWE is a douchebag.