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This Year’s HOF Inductees, TLC Pay-Per-View, Brock Lesnar Coaching In UFC

– Jim Ross has a new blog entry up, here are the main highlights:

The Hall of Fame: Emailer….I have no idea who will be inducted into the WWE HOF this year in Atlanta but your question as to if Wahoo McDaniel would be inducted I would suggest not likely. Do I think that Wahoo is deserving? Heck, yes. But I’m also biased when it comes to the former Sooner and one of the toughest men both physically and mentally I ever knew in the business. For those that saw ‘the Chief’ in his prime you know of which I speak.

TLC PPV: Looking forward to being in Houston for the WWE PPV, Tables, Ladders and Chairs this Sunday as a fan. As an announcer, broadcasting matches that end without a pin fall or submission are particularly challenging. I’m sure the broadcast team will handle this matter well but it is a different presentation for them and takes a different mindset on the approach to those types of bouts.

Brock Lesnar: If Brock Lesnar were to become a coach of UFC’s TUF I would not be totally shocked but it would be somewhat surprising. If Lesnar can market his upcoming book, add some marketing stretch to his growing list of sponsors, etc the idea would be viable. I do have concerns that Brock would want to relocate to Vegas for the 6-7 weeks that it would take to tape the next season but if Frank Mir were the other coach then the build to their much discussed ‘rubber match’ would be special.

  • Hunter

    It isn’t as if they receive a commission from each page being read though. Titles are misleading and the person that came up with this ”clever” idea is a cunt

  • The Miz

    will henderson i agree with you 100%
    you my friend are a smart man

  • Jeff

    Because they want people to read it Will. Many people wouldn’t read it if they knew ahead of time that it wasn’t actually news just a blog.

  • Will Henderson

    why does this site always got to post every highlight report of Jim Ross’ blog with a title without mentioning that these are JR’s blog.

    if this was me running the site i would put the Title of JR’s Blog highlights for what ever week it is, or JR (or Jim Ross): This Year’s HOF Inductees, TLC Pay-Per-View, Brock Lesnar Coaching In UFC

    it would be a better concept for people to know what it is, and i don’t mind seeing JR blog highlight, just label as that for now on.