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What Made THQ Pursue Brock Lesnar, More News on Him Working with WWE Again

– According to a close source to Brock Lesnar, the announcement regarding WWE ’12 was supposed to happen back in July of this year. There were plans to shoot promos with him in July but he wasn’t in the mood. The timing just wasn’t right with Lesnar, considering everything he had been dealing with.

A few weeks ago, Lesnar agreed to do the media appearances for the game to help promote it and now here we are. Lesnar is one of the big mystery roster reveals that THQ officials have been hyping over the past few months.

THQ decided they wanted Lesnar in the game once they saw how hot the Lesnar vs. Undertaker WrestleMania talk was last year.


  • RoxanneConner

    @Whatever: He had a short tenure but a memorable one. The reason his departure was such a big deal is because he was a big deal. The company was on his shoulders. He came in, he made an impact. He easily could have been the John Cena or Batista level star had he stayed.

    And he was dealing with major health issues that nearly killed him in the past. It’s not unfathomable to think he may not have been up for media appearances when dealing with that.

  • Assassino

    @whatever its not that he wasnt in the mood it was because he had health problems.

  • what ever

    Funny he was not in the mood. You mean he was was really saying is naw I dont need the money. And seeing that he has not been fighting lately Id say, hum IM in the mood now for a paycheck. WTF ever dude.
    While it cool that he is in the game, I really dont see how he even deserves a spot in it, due to his shot tenure with WWE. But then again if someone thinks there is money in it, IE cross branding two sports MMA and WWE then game company wins as it attracts more of a larger audience and in turn will gross possibly more money for the game due to the two companies audience. But none the less it interesting that he chose to do this what ever the reasons maybe. Could his fighting days be over and now he saying oh shit I need the WWE for a paycheck The guy is the biggest flip flopper i have ever seen as far as from have read. I want to wrestle, no I want to play football, no I want MMA mother fucker make up your dam mind. And what the heck is up with his stone cold comments? Wrestling maybe fake, but look at the guys who are at the top or were at the top, money wise I dont think there hurting post career.

  • jr

    i wanna touch brocks ass

  • k91xxx

    Another great white hope in this game I chould have bin some 1 else some 1 we haven’t seen in a game like great mute or abdulla the butcher etc even tho its still cool

  • venom

    Great move. Brock hasn’t been in a WWE game for 8 years.