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THQ Shoots Down Online Rumors, Reveals WWE Video Game Rights Through 2017

– Rumors came out this weekend that several WWE Games employees were leaving THQ and that THQ was working on their final WWE video game with WWE ’13. THQ released an official statement to RipTen, revealing that they have the exclusive rights to WWE video games through 2017.

“We are extremely pleased with our relationship with the WWE, and have an exclusive license for the brand through 2017. Our recent videogame cover reveal for WWE ’13 on Monday Night Raw airing May 28, as well as WWE Superstar Sheamus’ recent appearance at E3 showcase examples of how well we are working collaboratively with the WWE.”

  • Angry Benny

    the past coulple of years for the raw vs smackdown sucked, It hasn’t ben good since 2010, 11, 12 were just horrible, the only thing good about it was the community creator, making a ring at first was fun, for like an hour, then got bored, the storyline was horrible with the back stage brawls were stupid, if 13 doesnt’ deliver, I’m not gonna buy a wwe game till there is a EA SPORTS LOGO ON IT

  • Aaron

    its so funny, I watched E3 where Sheamus was on talking about WWE 13. He was clearly given a script as to what he was going to say about the game and WWE. It easily showed that he doesnt play video games.

  • Will Henderson

    how long till we get this

    EA Sports presents WWE 14.