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Thunder’s WWE B-Show Rundown 10/27/12

Saturday Morning Slam 10/20/12

Zack Ryder defeats Justin Gabriel using the rough-ryder finisher.

Daniel Bryan defeats Tyson Kidd using a modified pinning side rollup(I’m sure there’s a better term for it somewhere). Kane and Dbry argue after the match.

Thoughts: Ryder and Gabriel are two guys that I can see as top face STARS in the future; good match by them. Bryan and Kidd wrestled a short but fun matchup. Daniel Bryan did a funny crossing of his legs that wouldn’t allow him to be pinned by Kidd. The last time I remember seeing this was when Eugene wrestled Coach at Bad Blood 2004. Great wrestling from these guys.

WWE NXT 10/24/12

Brodus Clay squashes Camacho.

Trent Barreta defeats Kassius Ohno per the distraction of Richie Steamboat.

Alicia Fox and Layla take on Paige and Audrey Marie. Layla reverses a pin attempt on Marie to get the winning pinfall.

James Bronson forces Lincoln Broderick to submit after a short match.

Tyson Kidd and Antonio Cesaro have an altercation in the ring after Kidd interrupts Cesaro’s promo.

Heath Slater has Vickie Guerrero in his corner as he loses to Seth Rollins in the main event.

Thoughts: I don’t know why Brodus Clay is on this show; he’s the last thing I would expect to see on a quality wrestling program. I don’t know why WWE is so high on Trent Barreta; he is a decent wrestler but he’s nothing in comparison to the talent of Kassius Ohno. I don’t like the booking choice here, even if it was just to build the Steamboat/Ohno rivalry. James Bronson is impressive; he reminds me of a William Regal type submission wrestler with the brawling look of a guy like Tensai. Kidd and Cesaro having a legitimate rivalry soon over the US Title? I’ll take it! I liked the Slater/Rollins match; Rollins is proving himself as a top guy and should be able to jump right into the upper mid card as soon as he joins the main roster.

WWE Main Event 10/24/12

Ryback defeats Dolph Ziggler after a five and a half minute squash. Video packages are shown for both men before the match.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Sin Cara with the cross armbreaker. ADR cuts a promo after the match and the PTP come out to help him beat down Sin Cara. Randy Orton makes the save. Orton challenges the PTP and ADR to a match against himself, Sin Cara, and Rey Mysterio on next week’s Main Event.

Thoughts: Ryback showed me nothing in his match with Ziggler. Dolph is better than this and it does nothing for him in terms of proving that he’s a top contender for the World Title. For once it would be nice to see a MITB holder to actually be near the top of the roster when they cash in and win the championship. I liked ADR beating Sin Cara. I’m not a big Sin Cara fan and ADR proved he is much better wrestler than the masked “ring vet.”

WWE Superstars 10/25/12

The Usos defeat the Prime Time Players.

Jinder Mahal defeats Tyson Kidd.

.Thoughts: Whenever you see the Usos, you know you’re going to get some good tag team wrestling. The PTP looked good as well, but the Usos are the team most overdue for a run with the tag team gold. Jinder Mahal defeating Tyson Kidd just adds to my frustration. I really hope Mahal isn’t the next heel to hold the US Title by jumping into that upper midcard scene.

WWE Smackdown 10/26/12

Randy Orton opens the show with a promo on Alberto Del Rio. ADR interrupts and they exchange words. Orton’s music hits when the promo is done and he is attacked from behind by Wade Barrett.

^I love the focus on this ADR/Orton rivalry. I’ve read in various places that people find the feud to be boring and just a throw together, but I feel like WWE has put good emphasis on these two rivaling and the winner of their match on Sunday could have a strong claim for being the number one contender for the World Title.

Backstage, Teddy Long scolds Del Rio and puts Wade Barrett in a match with Randy Orton tonight on behalf of Booker T.

^I’ve always enjoyed Wade Barrett and Randy Orton matches, so this excites me.

Kane defeats Cody Rhodes with a chokeslam. Damien Sandow and Daniel Bryan are on commentary.

^This was a surprisingly good match from Rhodes and the big man. I liked it a lot. Bryan and Sandow on commentary were hilarious.

Backstage segment with Booker T and Big Show plays up the face to face encounter between Show and Sheamus later tonight.

^A face to face encounter in a promo segment to hype a match for a ppv? How original. Too bad they’ve been doing this for two weeks now. Despite the repetitive segment booking, I’m excited to see the story of chemistry Show and Sheamus have on Sunday.

Miz defeats Yoshi Tatsu in a short match using the skull-crushing finale.

^So this Miz loses to Kofi multiple times and jobs to Ryback, but now he gets to crush Yoshi Tatsu and start his run into the main event scene? I’m a bit confused by the logic behind it, but I’ll take what I can get from the Miz because I love watching the guy wrestle.

Backstage segment full or arguing sets up Eve to defend her title against Kaitlyn and Layla at Hell in a Cell.

^Drama, drama, drama! I hope that triple threat on Sunday lives up to the six week storyline build for it.

Wade Barrett defeats Randy Orton with the souvenir elbow after ADR distracts Orton. ADR attempts to attack Orton after the match but Orton recovers and ADR runs off.

^Great match from these two, and I could care less that interference determined the outcome. Barrett and Orton are top dogs on Smackdown, and I like the potential for them to have another rivalry down the road.

Eve and Aksana defeat Kaitlyn and Layla after Layla accidentally kicks Kaitlyn in the head.

^This wasn’t much of a match, but at least WWE is still attempting/pretending to make an effort with the female wrestlers. Layla and Kaitlyn now have some distrust going into the match on Sunday, and that probably means good things for Eve and her title reign.

Backstage segment where Booker T asks Sheamus to keep his hands off Big Show during their face to face segment tonight

^Say what? A face to face segment ending in a brawl? That never happens!

Kane tells Dbry backstage that they will know who the real Tag Team Champions is if he loses tonight.

^I love how Kane picks on Dbry, but then always comes to his aide when he needs it. It shows us that Kane is trying to be the good guy character through and through.

Damien Sandow defeats Daniel Bryan with outside help from Cody Rhodes.

^Good wrestling match here. Bryan and Sandow going one on one for a full twenty minutes without interference would be a WrestleMania quality main event style match. I love the hype that they’ve given the undercard of the Hell in a Cell show on Smackdown alone.

Show and Sheamus are separated by a wall or security during the final segment of the night while they exchange words. They eventually toss the security out and try to brawl. Show gets away and Sheamus kicks another security officer.

^Yeah, these two have hype for their match Sunday. However, the segment was boring and predictable. I guess it makes sense for WWE to have the World Title match hyped at the close of Smackdown heading into the ppv, but why couldn’t Big Show have squashed someone to look more dominant while Sheamus was on commentary? Oh well, I’m still excited for Sunday and Smackdown certainly helped contribute to that!

News Items:

Lilian Garcia: “SmackDown announcer Lilian Garcia is in stable condition at a Los Angeles hospital after being struck by a car on Friday afternoon.” We’re all praying for a speedy recovery for you, Lilian.

Brock Lesnar: His childhood nickname was broccoli. Let the jokes begin!

Jim Ross: “The @CMPunk vs. @Ryback22 main event this Sunday at HIAC in Atlanta is one of the most intriguing matchups the WWE has presented in a good while.” Sorry JR, but I disagree. I was far more intrigued by EVERY other CM Punk ppv match this year. Horrible thing to say and too much ass kissing on his part.

Goldberg/Ryback: Goldberg continues to insult Ryback. Neither has much to brag about in my book. At least Ryback has potential, though.

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