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ThunderStruck: Impact Wrestling Analysis 01/30/14

Ethan Carter, Magnus and Rockstar Spud open the show in a packed Scotland arena. They’re booed heavily. Magnus talks about Sting falling from the reign of Magnus and leaving TNA just like AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. Magnus refers to trimming the fat/dropping the dead weight from TNA as “thinning the herd.” He then goes on to repeat himself before Ethan Carter interrupts him and questions his phrasing of single-handedly getting rid of all those people. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe interrupt and hit the ring as the other three bail out. Kurt cries about Sting leaving and calls Magnus a paper champion. They exchange words and then Joe speaks his mind. Magnus proposes Joe and Kurt taking on himself and ECIII with the stipulation that Joe and Angle leave TNA if they lose. Joe adds that one of them can become number one contender for Magnus’ Title if they win. Joe taunts Magnus into accepting by calling him a paper champion yet again. Magnus accepts.

^It took too long to get to the point, but I like the point. It works.

Dixie Carter comes out and says the match will not happen here tonight. Magnus asks Dixie if she’s telling him what he can and cannot do. Dixie says she doesn’t need to be worried about this as well as the new investor being on his way. Dixie says she can’t tak the chance of Magnus losing the title. Magnus says they have a deal and he’ll see them in the ring.

^So to add to my point of wasting time, Dixie does it again! At least she hyped the new investor.

A van pulls up and they call it a limo. It’s Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards with the the new TNA investor. The Wolves tell us they have to go through them to find out who the investor is.

^Nice job peaking our curiousity.

Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne are taking on Gail Kim and Lei D’Tapa. Rayne and Velter are reuniting part of the beautiful people. Gail jumps Rayne before the bell and the match is on.

Velvet Sky pins Gail Kim in less than two minutes.

^Now THAT is a joke. Two minutes. Feels like WWE.

Madison and Velvet celebrate after the match but Chris Sabin interrupts and sends Madison out. He wants to know what the deal is with Velvet. He gives her one chance to apologize and she tells him they’re done.

^Long term booking for a storyline that barely lasted a few weeks, right? Brilliant writers and their silly storylines that no one cares about.

Joe and Angle are backstage and they threaten Bobby Roode not to get involved in their match tonight.

^Intense segment. I enjoyed the acting.

James Storm cuts a promo on Gunner and calls him to the ring. They have a make up session after talking back and forth. Oh jeeze. Bad Influence comes out to interrupt them and all is right with the world. Awesome promo work from Kazarian here as well as Daniels. Daniels taunts Gunner into putting his briefcase on the line in this tag team match right now.

^Awesome segment to set up the match!

Gunner pins Kaz for the win in the match with Storm against Bad Influence.

^The match was far too short, and Gunner still hasn’t won me over.

Dixie wants Spud to find out who the new Investor is.

^Spud should read the dirtsheets so he would already know.

Dixie is on the phone with her attorney. Bobby Roode walks in and she gets off the phone. She says she doesn’t have time for him and he wants a shot for the World Title at Lockdown. She turns him down and he gives her one week to figure it out. He tells her she won’t get any favors until she gets him that title shot.

^Good segment.

Eric Young and ODB talk. She’s worried about him teaming with Abyss. She leaves and Abyss comes into the scene.

^Two of my favorites, Abyss and EY.

RockStar Spud is determined to find out who the new investor is. He’s an odd duck.

Spud comes to the ring. He wants the Wolves. Eddie Edwars and Davey Richards come to the ring. Spud wants to know who the investor is. He shines a flashlight in their eyes for interrogating them. They just glare at him while he rants. He slaps Richards because he wants him to talk. They take their jackets off and then double team him with a flapjack into a kick. Edwards tells Spud that Dixie will find out who the new investor is at the same time as everyone else. Edwards tells Spud that anyone who interferes in tonight’s main event will be fired.

^That was a fun segment with Spud. Nice to see the Wolves on tv.

We have a video of the Abyss/Joseph Park story with EY. Good storyline with a weird resolution.

Eric Young and Abyss come to the ring. An X-Division Championship comes up on the screen even though this is a tag title match. Nice work, TNA.

Zema Ions introduce the BroMans.

EY begs Abyss not to beat up the ref but Abyss nails the ref with shock treatment and they lose the match by DQ. Abyss then chokeslams EY.

Abyss goes up he ramp and EY challenges Abyss to a monster’s ball match next week. Abyss accepts and says he is going to hurt him.

^Very enjoyable segment between EY and Abyss. Excellent feud and fun storyline.

Eddie Edwards keeps a camera away from the limo where Davey is talking to the investor. Edwards is a natural actor.

Bully Ray is shown pushing a casket to the ring. Weird.

Footage from earlier this week is shown of Samuel Shaw and Christy Hemme having drinks. She freaks out because his hand was right on the candle but he says he’s fine. She wants to see his place and compliments his bed and the view as he creeps up behind her. He puts her hair down and she wants to see the rest of the place. She wants to know what’s in the basementand he won’t let her. He reveals with the lights turned on a doll of Christy that he’s created. Creepy stuff but not very logical for a gimmick. I mean, how far can you take it?

Bully Ray pushes a casket to a ring. He talks. Anderson comes out and they talk. They brawl. Anderson gets the upper hand and beats on him with a steel chair. Bully runs.

^These guys have good matches with such a simple storyline. Might be the best thing to come from the entire Aces and Eights angle.

Magnus and EC III argue backstage. Magnus calls EC III a hothead and insults him. They start to argue but Dixie interrupts them. She wants to escort Magnus to the ring and tells Ethan not to let them down.

Joe forces Magnus to tap out in the main event to get the win for himself and Kurt Angle over EC III and the World Champ. Joe wins the match with the rear naked choke and is now the number one contender.

^Excellent main event with these four talents! That was quality wrestling with a hot crowd on their side.

Dixie is mad after the match. Joe gets on the mic and tells Magnus he gambled and the odds caught up with him because he’s now staring at the number one contender to his title. Joe reminds Magnus that he tapped out.

^Outstanding promo work from Joe. I miss the old Joe. I know he won’t take the title off Magnus, but it’ll be great to see them feud.

Kurt gets on the microphone and says nights like these make him proud to be in the business. He thanks the Glasgow audience. Kurt says he’s done it all in TNA but beating Roode last week and winning their match tonight means Kurt Angle is back. Kurt says it’s time for him to be inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame.

^More outstanding promo work from Angle. He’s truly one of the all time greats.

Dixie screams for the new investor to show his face right now. The clock ticks and it’s the Wolves standing on the stage as MVP makes his way into the arena. He holds up the letters MVP on a chain as the show goes off the air.

^Solid end to a solid show, and yes I atually just said that about TNA.

Let’s run this thing down:

The opening segment had too much talking…

The Knockouts weren’t given any real time…

Bully/Anderson and Storm/Gunner delivered great storyline enhancement and promo work.

The main event scene and investor storyline came out STRONG.

This is a 7/10 show from TNA and I’m FLOORED!

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