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ThunderStruck: WCW Monday Nitro Retro Review 09/25/95

Disco Inferno takes on Alex Wright in our opening match. Wright wins the match with a backslide pin in roughly four minutes.

^Call it one and a half stars for being too short for relevancy, but some nice fast paced action to kick off the program.

Hulk Hogan is shown working out with Jimmy Hart with a neck brace on(he was attacked by the Giant at Fall Braw). Hogan says he hasn’t missed a workout yet. He challenges Giant to a monster truck duel and a match for the World Title at Halloween Havoc.

^Big stinky and big nasty were used several times in this promo. It wasn’t very good, but it was intense.

1-900-909-9900 – You know what to do.

Mean Gene interviews Lex Luger and Randy Savage again. Luger thinks Savage doesn’t respect him and wants a match with him next week on Nitro. Savage accepts and Luger wants to put his title shot on the line. Luger says if he doesn’t defeat Savage next week, he’ll leave WCW. Savage loves the idea.

^Strong words from these two guys. They really were both at the top of their game in 1995. The match should be great next week!

Kurasawa comes to the ring with Colonel Parker. He’s taking on the Pitbull, Sgt. Craig Pittman. Kurasawa wins the match in just over four minutes.

^Another good back and forth match with not enough time to develop a real story. Kurusawa’s suplex on Pittman on the concrete floor looked painful.

Mean Gene interviews Brian Pillman and Arn Anderson. Pillman says Double A beat the man at Fall Brawl, and Flair has now reached an all time low. Arn says he did what he had to do with Ric Flair because of how he was acting. Arn says the better man won at Fall Brawl. Anderson reminds Flair that he has no friends because he ran over everyone, so he wishes him luck in finding a tag team partner.

^Anderson is extremely underrated for his old school mic skills. There’s never been anyone that completely took on that same style(one could argue Steve Austin a little bit) when it comes to talking on the mic.

The Taskmaster, Kevin Sullivan, takes on Randy Savage. The Zodiac comes to ringside to talk to the Taskmaster. Zodiac gets involved and the match ends by DQ after two minutes. Savage gets the upper hand until the Giant comes out and chokeslams the Macho Man. Ricky Morton cmes out to help and gets slammed by the Giant. Mark Starr tries next and gets slammed as well. Same thing happens to Alex Wright as he gets squeezed and slammed by the Giant. Lex Luger comes down and stands over Savage. The Giant attacks Luger and beats him down before delivering a chokeslam. Taskmaster isn’t happy with Giant for slamming Luger.

^That was the typical chaos of WCW. Just when you thought you would see a good match, it got ruined by interference. Entertaining segment though.

Meng of the Dungeon of Doom comes to the ring right away to take on an already hurt Lex Luger. Meng uses a spike on Luger’s throat and the ref doesn’t see it. Meng gets the win.

^Not much of a match as Luger didn’t really stand a chance. It’s nice that the Dungeon of Doom was a dominant stable and they weren’t really shoved down our throats despite their success. Good booking.

We come back from the commercial to end the show with a Bischoff/Mongo/Heenan recap. We’ve got Savage taking on Luger next week, and we’ve got Hulk Hogan making an appearance. The Alpha Males and the Nasty Boys, as well as Dean Malenko will all be on the show.

^This episode delivered in storyline enhancement, but the matches were just too short(besides the main event). I’d call it an average episode with a 5/10 for quality. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.

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