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ThunderStruck: WWE NXT Analysis 01/01/14

Alexander Russev defeats Kofi Kingston in a short match when Lana distracts Kingston. Russev wins with the accolade(camel clutch). Boring big man, but the work by Kingston made this one decent to watch. Size isn’t everything, but WWE might never realize that because their superstars need to be “larger than life.”

Emma defeats Natalya in a very enjoyable mat matchup. Emma wins with her emma-lock after failing a small package rollup. Emma is the number one contender for winning this match. Natalya dances with her after the match. Excellent women’s wrestling here with some hard work put into it!

Colin Cassady/Aiden English singing segment to set up their rivalry. English attacks Cassady. I like the possible matches that could come from this, but what’s really nice is seeing how much Aiden has embraced his gimmick and been impressive executing it.

Tyler Breeze defeats Mason Ryan with the beauty shot(spinning heel kick) after Ryan is distracted by Sylvester Lefort. Breeze is outstanding in the ring, but we really didn’t get to see that here. Instead we got Mason beating him down and losing by distraction with a typical WWE formula. This could’ve been better and Breeze could’ve carried Ryan to a really good match. Is “developmental” really just adapting to WWE ways of doing things? If so, that’s not development; that’s acclimation.

Sami Zayn defeats Leo Kruger two falls to zero in a two out of three falls match. What an outstanding match by these two! Despite seeing these guys go at it a few times already, these two continue to produce excellent work in the ring together. Excellent main event, and now it’s only a matter of time before Sami Zayn is NXT Champion.

Call this show 8/10 for being solid with two excellent matches and two watchable contests. Thanks for reading! – add me on facebook and come join the daily chat on my posts and check out all my other work!