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ThunderStruck: WWE Smackdown 02/14/14 AND WWE Raw Analysis 02/17/14

Friday Night Smackdown 02/14/14

Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Christian take on the Shield in our opening match. Ambrose pins Christian around the ten minute mark after Sheamus accidentally brogue kicks Captain Charisma.

^That was an awesome ten minute start to the show. Great performance from these guys. What impresses me the most about Ambrose and Rollins is their ability to hang with top stars in the ring and look like veterans. Reigns is a little bit green, but you can see that he has what it takes to get better in the ring.

Zeb Colter talks with Vickie Guerrero backstage; he wants her to be his valentine. She tells him to cut the act and he says he resents her accusation. Colter wants Swagger to get a title match and Vickie wants him to earn it. If Swagger can beat Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry, he can get an Intercontinental Match with Big E. Langston at the Elimination Chamber. She shoves the chocolates back at Zeb and says happy valentines day.

^Fun segment with these two. I’m surprised WWE continues to give Swagger so many chances when he’s NEVER gotten over.

Byron Saxton interviews Cesaro(he dropped the Antonio part). Cesaro says no one thinks he can leave the Elimination Chamber as WWE World Champion but tonight he will prove it when he defeats Randy Orton in their non-title match.

^Nice to hear Cesaro getting some time on the mic as he becomes a massive WWE star.

The Hall of Fame ceremony will air on the WWE Network. I can’t wait!

Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio have a fatal four way match to determine the number one contender to Big E.’s title. Big E. is on commentary during the match. Swagger wins the match in just over eight minutes when he forces Kofi to tap out to the ankle lock.

^Solid wrestling match here. Swagger won’t win the title, but I’m excited that WWE is trying to make the title important again. After all, it’s secondary to only one championship now.

It’s time for Bad News Barrett. Waste of a good wrestler. He talks about Valentines Day and insults American women. Pointless.

The Brotherhood and the Usos take on Rybaxel and the New Age Outlaws in an eight man tag team match. Jimmy Uso pins Road Dogg after a big splash in an eight minute match.

^The Usos, Rhodes and Goldust looked amazing here. I love Goldust’s cannonball flip off the ring apron. How great is it that you can mix up this much young and old talent and get a match that exciting? That was great! Expect the Usos to challenge for Tag Team Gold very soon.

Randy Orton is interviewed by Renee Young. Orton says he’s becoming a stronger champion by facing all of his opponents before the Elimination Chamber. He says Cesaro will get the Viper tonight.

^Good Orton promo. More believable than most of them lately.

Lana talks about Alexander Russev making history and not making friends when he comes to TV.

^The Bulgarian Brute; I’m less than impressed by him thus far.

Titus O’Neil does commentary while Darren Young takes on Damien Sandow. Darren Young pins Sandow in less than two minutes. Titus gets in the ring and attacks Young after the match. Young then pounces on Titus and they brawl. as Young pulls off Titus’ pants.

^Nice to see Sandow not being utilized in any capacity. I do like the feud between the former Prime Time Players though. Perhaps a match at the Elimination Chamber this Sunday?

Fandango takes on the Miz. Santino and Emma come out to distract Summer Rae during the match. Summer pushes Emma an Emma pushes her back. They brawl while Santino watches. Dango ends up getting knocked with a cobra and Miz hits the skull crushing finale for the win.

^I wouldn’t blame the Miz one bit if he were a disgruntled employee. He doesn’t get treated like a former WrestleMania main eventer or former WWE Champion whatsoever. Nice to see this Santino/Fandango feud gain some steam with something new besides just a one on one match. How cool is it to see Summer Rae and Emma from NXT doing their thing on WWE’s main programming?

We have a video package of Bobo Brazil for black history month. LEGEND.

Cesaro defeats Orton in the main event with a powerbomb out of the corner, a huge uppercut and a neutralizer for the three count. Cesaro pins the champion in just over nine and a half minutes of TV time.

^THAT was one fantastic main event! Three and a half solid stars out of five for some great wrestling and a defining moment for Cesaro’s career in WWE. I really hope he gets a decent push towards the WWE World Championship later this year. Great ending!

Awesome Smackdown from start to finish. Yes, we had a few short matches, but the overall show had some great multi man action, good promos, and an outstanding main event from two of the best performers in WWE. I give this episode of Smackdown an 8 out of 10.

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WWE Monday Night Raw 02/17/14

John Cena opens Raw to talk about the WWE World Title, WrestleMania, and Randy Orton’s lack of momentum. Zeb Colter and Cesaro interrupt him. Cesaro says he’ll become the face of WWE and America this Sunday when he wins the chamber match. Cena tells Cesaro he’s never been in the chamber before and to not write checks that his body can’t cash. Sheamus interrupts and comes out. He says he’s going to kick both men’s teeth in on Sunday. Christian then interrupts and says his piece. Randy Orton does the same. Then we get Daniel Bryan. Kane interrupts last and says he is in charge tonight.

Kane books Cesaro in a one on one match with John Cena for later in the show. Then he books Christian and Daniel Bryan in a match right now.

^That was quick and to the point. We got to see all the chamber participants just like that to get some hype for Sunday. Now we get Daniel Bryan and Christian which should be excellent.

Christian jumps Daniel Bryan before the match can start and we go to commercial. Bryan defeats Christian in an excellent 12-15 minute match with the Shawn Michaels/Y2J WM 19 rollup style pin.

^*** for the slow pacing to start, but damn was that exciting! Anytime you put two great wrestlers in the ring and let them go for more than ten minutes, something solid will be delivered.

Kane tells Daniel Bryan that he still has one more match tonight and it’s against him. It’s right now! Kane gets disqualified in less than ten minutes after he won’t stop the beatdown on Bryan against the ref’s count. Kane beats him down even after the bell and smashes Dbry off the barricade.

^Doesn’t surprise me. I fully expect Daniel Bryan to face Triple H at WrestleMania with the Authority rivalry continuing. This is evidence of that.

Dean Amrose and Roman Reigns argue while being interviewed by Renee Young. Rollins tries to be peacekeeper and they all get on the same page.

^I can’t wait for those three to steal the show at WrestleMania in a triple threat match.

Fandango w/Summer Rae takes on Santino w/Emma. Emma and Santino go to kiss during the match and Fandango takes advantage to get the upper hand and the victory.

^Short match. Nice way to continue the rivalry and peak our interest in Emma’s relationship with Santino.

Mark Henry is interviewed by Renee Young. He will destroy Roman Reigns tonight.

Reigns takes on Mark Henry. Reigns pins Mark Henry after a spear.

^That was impressive for a quick big man match. That samoan drop by Reigns was awesome. Reigns has a big future as we’re all beginning to see more and more.

Rollins is happy after the match. Dean Ambrose is jealous and jumps Henry after the match. The Wyatts pop up on the tron after the match. Bray has a child like excitement building up inside him. The Shield’s defeat will not come in vain. Their shards of bones will pave the streets of his kingdom. Harper asks if they are willing to die for this and Bray says they’ve already lost if they’re not. Roman tells them to come out here and talk that noise. Bray says they were thinking the exact same things. Rowan says Run.

^EPIC promo work from these guys! Unbelievable talent that Bray Wyatt possesses. This should be great, or it could be another tease. Cue Kane to split it up.

The Wyatts come out and climb on the ring apron. Bray gets in the ring and Roman steps forward. Harper and Rowan come in and Rollins steps forward with Ambrose. Bray sends his boys out and they leave.

^Mind games and a nice tease for the match on Sunday; I bet people will buy the show just to see that match!

Cody Rhodes and Goldust talk about toys(WWE Stackdown) backstage. Goldust talks about ripping off butterfly wings and gluing the to the hampster to see if it could fly. Cody implies that Goldy was the freak of the family and lets Goldy help him. Wade Barrett interrupts them with some bad news; he ruins their setup.

^That was silly but hilarious and creepy all at once. Borders on TV 14 with all that butterfly talk.

Jack Swagger takes on Kofi Kingston in a warm up for his match with Big E. for the IC Title on Sunday. Kofi nearly beats Swagger with the SOS but he gets his foot on the bottom rope. Swagger then wins the match with the ankle lock.

^That match wasn’t too long, and it felt just right in length. I enjoyed it very much. Kofi is great at making guys look good, and Swagger isn’t bad in the ring anyway. Solid outing from both men.

Big E. comes down after the match as he has a match next. He stares down Swagger.

Big E. takes on Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre in a handicap match. Zeb talks on the mic during the match to distract Big E. Big E. hits the big ending on both men and gets the win while Colter talks on the mic the entire time.

^First, that was fun to watch. Second, I love the importance being put on this feud(as well as the other two Chamber show matches hyped so far tonight). Third, the match was highly enjoyable with Big E. doing the belly to belly, coverting the Big ending in such a cool way, and his overall storytelling for a handicap match. Fourth, and on a lighter note, I would welcome Big E. to challenge the streak just to see what he can do in the ring with Undertaker.

Big E. gets on the mic and tells Zeb that on Sunday his mouth won’t be the only thing full of crap.

^I love this guy’s personality ever since I heard him talk in NXT. I was down on him in FCW when he was so limited, but he’s grown on me. I could see him as something special if WWE chose to get behind him for the main event scene.

Lana says Alexander Russev is not here to make friends and he will make history.

^He’s a big dude, but I really wonder if he can move as well as Big E. in the ring. Can you imagine the feud with those two huge guys colliding?

Renee Young interviews John Cena. She asks about him facing Cesaro. Cena says the WWE is filled with promising young superstars and if they have what it takes to be the next generation, they will go through him to prove it. Cesaro is no different and we see what he’s made of.

^Excellent promo work by Cena. He’s been on fire the past couple week with his words of wisdom. I find him pretty enjoyable to listen to.

Cesaro takes on John Cena. Swagger and Colter are ringside. Cena wins a grueling battle with the AA.

^That was Cena’s best match this year and might be the best match he has in 2014. Wow. Just wow. Yeah there were too many near falls, but DAMN was that excellent storytelling with an incredible finishing sequence. The lift of Cesaro off the ground on his shoulders…unreal. Great performance by both men. Cesaro has alreay proven himself as a main event player, but now I want to see him carry a long rivalry with Cena after seeing them work that match together.

Orton is backstage and he tells Hunter that he appreciates everything he and Stephanie have done for him. Hunter reminds Orton he lost to Cena, Dbry and Cesaro. Orton says his head hasn’t been in the game but things are different now and he will prove it at the Chamber. He also appreciates everything Hunter will do for him in the future. Orton trash talks Batista until he realizes Batista is standing right behind them. Batista says Orton is the ass of WWE, not the face. Orton walks off. Hunter laughs. Del Rio walks into the scene and has a neck brace on. He says Batista is an animal, and he is a man. Del Rio says he will make Batistay pay at the Chamber and rip his arms off. Batista shoves him and Hunter checks on him. Batista storms away.

^If they continue teasing this feud with Batista and Hunter, it could lead to one final war(their past matches were above average to great if you remember NINE FREAKING YEARS AGO).

Renee Young tells us Titus O’Neil will face Darren Young at the Elimination Chamber pay per view. Titus takes the mic and does his signature bark before cutting his promo. Titus says “champion” is spelled T I T U S and that roadblock Darren Young will be out of his way this Sunday at the Chamber.

^Nice mic work by the big guy. I don’t think he’s fully reached his potential in the ring yet, but his charisma is undeniable.

Los Matores w/El Torito and Sin Cara take on the Wyatt Family. The Wyatts defeat their opponents when Bray pins Sin Cara after a sister abigail.

^Very dominant performance by these guys. I don’t see them losing on Sunday. Bray has so much momentum; it’s nice to know that WWE plans on having him work with John Cena at WrestleMania. I think they’ll put on something very special together. Good showing here for the strength of the family.

The Outlaws are in the ring when we come back from commercial. Jey Usos is taking on Billy Gunn. The Usos will face the Outlaws at the chamber for the Tag Titles. Jimmy and Road Dogg do commentary during the match.

^Funny commentary during the match with the back and forth banter. Hilarious!

Jey defeats Billy Gunn with a quick rollup after he ducks out of the fameasser. Jimmy kicks Road Dogg on the outside and we have a flying Uso onto the Outlaws on the outside!

^I’ll save my predictions for my preview column, but I’m looking forward to that match on Sunday. Billy can really go for a man of 50, and watching the Outlaws work with the younger talent has been refreshing as it feels like neither man has lost a step. Decent singles match to help fuel the hype for their upcoming tag title matchup.

Byron Saxton interviews Sheamus. Sheamus says he needs to abandon all morality and throw caution to the wind with his body to win he Chamber this Sunday. Sheamus says he’s never had a problem showing his aggressive side and Orton will be lucky enough to find that out tonight.

^Sheamus really is becoming more and more of a better talker. That’s twice in a week that he’s cut a decent and entertaining promo. I really don’t see why he can’t be one of the top stars in WWE for a long time to come.

Randy Orton takes on Sheamus in a non-title main event. The Shield jump Sheamus before he can brogue kick Orton. Cena and Dbry make the save. Cesaro then comes down and beats on both the Shield and Cena. Christian comes out too. The Wyatts are in the ring after the lights go out and come back on and they brawl with the Shield. Everyone brawls to end Raw.

^I wonder if the Shield attacking Sheamus was the Authority’s way of protecting Orton before Sunday. We really know it was to get every major player in the ring to close Raw, and it worked nicely. Solid match between Orton and Sheamus, but more brawling style than anything. Not a bad way to end the night.

Solid to great wrestling all night and great hype for the pay per view through storyline fueling makes for an excellent show. I give this episode of Raw a 7.5 out of 10 for being damn good.

Thanks for reading!