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ThunderStruck: WWE Survivor Series 2012 Reaction

Survivor Series 2012 is over, and here’s my reaction!

Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater defeat CoBro(Santino Marella and Zack Ryder) with help from Drew McIntyre’s cast.

^I like the push for the 3MB, and I like the chemistry that the group has together. Once again, I’m applauding WWE’s effort to make these three guys standout so they can move into the midcard scene. Nothing special for a match here, but the trio continues to show the success they can have with their cheap heel tactics. I just wonder how long we will have to wait before they beat someone other than Ryder and Marella.

Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, International Airstrike(Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd) and Brodus Clay defeat Tensai, Primo, Epico, and the Prime Time Players. Tensai eliminates Clay. Gabriel eliminates Tensai. Kidd pins O’Neil and then forces Epico to submit to the sharpshooter. Mysterio rolls up Primo for the elimination and then pins Darren Young to end the match. Clay is the only man eliminated as Mysterio, Sin cara and Airstrike survive.

^This match was impromptu, but I love the booking. First of all, I love traditional elimination matches because of all the talent you get to see. I also love tradition in general, so this match was an exciting way to start the Survivor Series. I’m guessing Tensai will see Brodus again in the near future, but both guys surprised in terms of the effort they put into this match. The tag teams were fun to watch as usual, and I’m really glad WWE made the decision to make tag team wrestling a priority again.

Eve defeats Kaitlyn to retain her Divas Championship. Before the match, Kaitlyn is attacked backstage by a blonde who is revealed to be Paige from NXT as they brawl. Eve comes into the scene acting concerned but Kaitlyn shoves her to the ground. Eve wins the match using her modified neckbreaker.

^The storyline is past stale, but I applaud the effort from both divas in this match. No, it wasn’t the best divas match I’ve ever seen, but they told a good story throughout and the intensity of their rivalry came out from bell to bell. I was definitely impressed overall with how well these two work together, and I do believe Eve is going to have a lengthy but impressive run with the title.

Antonio Cesaro defeats R-Truth to retain his United States Title. Cesaro wins using his uppercut after he dodges a scissor kick and then hits the neutralizer on Truth for the win.

^Like I predicted, this match was too short to reach its full potential. I’m not complaining though. I enjoyed what we got and I hope these two aren’t finished. A lot of people aren’t high on Truth, but the guy is a ring veteran that can put on a good match any night of the week. I think a proper build to their rivalry could lead to some exciting matches. Cesaro needs to drop the horrible gimmick and just brawl with Truth in maybe a street fight or no holds barred type of match.

AJ brings out mock “evidence” that incriminates Vickie Guerrero messing around with other superstars. Tamina Snuka appears and attacks AJ and then hits the superfly splash.

^Segment or match, it really doesn’t matter here. WWE has made a divas rivalry without using the title and I honestly believe we could see some great matches come from this. Tamina is very talented, as is AJ, and the two together could be a fun feud to watch.

Sheamus brogue kicks the ref by “accident” when Big Show moves out of the way. Refs gather to help the other ref. Show knocks out Sheamus and gets the three count. Another ref disqualifies Show and declares Sheamus the winner. Sheamus attacks Big Show with a steel chair.

^First of all, these two gave us thirteen minutes of awesome, fast paced(fast for Show, anyway) brawling. I’m not happy with the finish, and that’s because I don’t believe one of the big four shows should be used to setup a match for the following pay per view. I understand they wanted to setup a Chairs Match for TLC next month, but that could’ve happened even if we had a legit finish. Sheamus could’ve won the gold back, or Show could’ve found an underhanded tactic to win that didn’t involve referees. Regardless, the chemistry between these two is undeniable and I have no doubt that their match at TLC will be brutal and fun to watch. I also expect to see a new World Champ(or two) like we saw at TLC last year.

Team Ziggler(Dolph, Barrett, Otunga, Del Rio, and Sandow) defeats Team Foley(Orton, Miz, Kofi, Kane, and Dbry). Kane eliminates Sandow first. Ziggler eliminates Kane. Dbry eliminates Otunga. Barrett eliminates Kofi. Del Rio eliminates Dbry. Miz eliminates Barrett. Del Rio pins Miz. Orton pins Del Rio. Dolph Ziggler pins Randy Orton and becomes the sole survivor on Team Ziggler. Orton goes back to his old ways as he tries to punt the head of Ziggler, but Ziggler jumps up and superkicks Orton to get the three count. Ziggler is the sole survivor and Orton is angry.

^This was AWESOME. I watched the match again after the show and just love how everything unfolded. Ziggler now has momentum with a win over Orton. I really like how he used the superkick(HBK’s finisher) to get the victory. Everything about this match worked out well, but my only complaint(if you would call it that) is that I wanted to see the pair of Miz and Orton either validate their teamwork or have some sort of falling out; neither thing happened here. This was basically as exciting as the beginning of the World Title match that preceded it, but it came out as the better contest by the finish. Regardless of whether you liked the changes in booking for this match, it really was a great reminder of why the traditional Survivor Series elimination matches existed in the first place.

CM Punk defeats John Cena and Ryback to retain the WWE Championship. Ryback hits shell shocked on Cena while Punk is down, and then three NXT(former FCW) performers in security outfits attack Ryback and drag him to the outside. Punk covers Cena to retain the title. The performers were Roman Reigns(brother of former WWE star, Rosey), Seth Rollins(current NXT Champion and formerly known as Tyler Black) and Dean Ambrose(former rival of William Regal in FCW and current live event worker).

^CM Punk and John Cena made this match very exciting. They have great chemistry and things really got good after they suplexed Ryback through the announce table. I like the interference by the NXT wrestlers because you just didn’t see it coming. I mean we all knew Punk was going to SOMEHOW retain the title, but this wouldn’t have been one of my first three guesses as to how. My guess will be that, like Brad Maddox, the trio will claim they did this on their own to make a statement. My theory is pretty obvious in that I think Maddox, Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose are all apart of a stable headed by Punk and Heyman; I’m guessing it will be considered some sort of cult for Punk. Using this format to bring up guys from developmental seems to work well(Nexus, anyone?). The match itself was good, but I am going to also take the time to compliment Ryback. Being thrown into the main event scene with guys of Cena and Punk’s caliber is probably pretty intimidating. Before October’s live events, I doubt WWE took any time to prepare him for working longer matches with top talent. The guy has been booked to squash since his time in WWE started in FCW, and that means he’s really had no opportunity to develop his skills and endurance. I don’t blame him for that; I blame WWE for their ignorance. Despite this, Ryback made a good showing in the match(nothing wildly spectacular) and made himself known as a top threat to Punk’s title reign. I definitely enjoyed this match far more than I expected to.

I rated most of the show as being really good. Maybe I’ll be called crazy for enjoying it so much(this has definitely happened before and no, it doesn’t bother me one bit). I like what I like and what I saw tonight was a lot of good wrestling and a lot of good storytelling. The show definitely came off better than what I was anticipating and I’m guessing it came off better in the eyes of WWE as well.

That’s all for my review! Make sure to check out my Raw Analysis on Tuesday! Until next time, you’ve been ThunderStruck! – add me!

  • Joe Thunder

    maybe it was intended to be Aksana for Storyline purposes, but since she just dyed her hair blonde recently, I’m guessing WWE decided to use Paige and thought that nobody would notice(to keep with the dark haired chick/blonde wig angle)

  • Tim

    Even Kaitlyn’s tweet after the PPV states that it was Aksana…

  • Joe Thunder says aksana. all the news sites say it was aksana. if you watch it back and check out the screenshot on my facebook, it’s 100% Paige. Aksana is not that small and THAT is NOT her face.

  • Cboz78

    The “blonde” attacker of Kaitlyn was Aksana, not Paige.