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Thursday’s Impact Rating, Another Turning Point Match, Gut Check

– Besides Open Fight Night returning for next Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, there will also be another Gut Check segment as Christian York tries to earn a spot on the TNA roster.

– The October 25th episode of TNA’s Impact Wrestling scored a 1.0 cable rating with 1,187,000 viewers, down 61,000 from last week.

– Besides Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Title, Kazarian and Daniels vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for the TNA Tag Team Titles has been confirmed for November’s Turning Point pay-per-view.

  • SYM

    Lol, Main event will be beating Impact soon.
    The numbers don’t lie.

  • Sym shut the fuk up

    Anyone can create a wrestling show better than tna they are awful

  • a heyman guy

    eric you sound like some old lady writing to her local newspaper complaining about how bingo used to be back her day. man just shut up or stop watching or heres me fave ….invest millions of your own dollars into your own piss poor no rating shot in the dark company. im sure you like most other have all the answers. im not complaining about your rants. im just saying they sound old ladyish lol

  • eric

    i agree with that jir. at same time this biker gang group is not drawing big ratings. hogan has no exiperence in creative side he was talent in ring performer wrestler in old wwf wwe federation yrs. where vince promoted him as face of company when he was alot younger could draw alot money. he is very old now. he is trying to play role of vince mcmahon. as top backstage guy. on creative side. hogan has no exiperence behind scences as creative guy/ booker. If it wasn’t for vince mcmahon giving him that superhero gimmick in late 80’e early 90’s hogan would be nothing. vince reason hogan was famous got over. because of his 5 stars promoting. hogan has no clue how book talent. or creative side. i remember in dieing days of old wcw. wcw let inmates run the place. with nash, hogan alot legends having there way. it proves on top of russo horrible booking seem to be reason wcw died in 2001. i see same thing in tna. hulk hogan getting what he wants making it hogan show. everything about himself. atleast with cena i understand he is still got some yrs left is 35 can go in ring. draw alot money in ratings and ppv buyrates. hogan not drawing maega ratings neither is brooke. tna is more hole. hogan is not paying off. tna needs get rid of hogan. fired hogan bring in more young guys from indys. hogan needs go. he should left business after his match with the rock at wm18 in tortonto

  • JIR

    I will say this TNA always acknowledges the wrestlers past work regardless of where they worked (yes i enjoyed the Devon/Bully ray segment)

  • eric

    yeah biker gangs were cool in 90’s late 90’s in old wwf or wwe attitude era when there was harris twins skull 8 ball and chains in 1997-1998 that was fresh new original idea for biker gimmick in pro wrestling atm in wwf attitude era in 90’s it is same as jerry springer his trash tv was cool fresh in 90’s but with time stuff get old and stale. just as wwe pg era or cena supercena hulk hogan hero gimmick. Also it is clear tna can’t draw big ratings with this biker gang. if this was 10 15 yrs ago it would have been good idea. tna needs get rid of hogan. hired young talent. let hogan go run back to vince and wwe. I bet hulk hogan bischoff would be come leaders of group. just as they were in 2010 at bfg 2 yrs ago. tna seems to be doing old recycle ideas over and over again. love ko match with victoria aka tara who can still wrestle is very good looking. brooke hogan was waste air time. send her and hogan home. tna was alot better wihout hogan etc daniels vs joe vs aj for x diviosn title was amazing feud in 2005-2006 tna focus on young talent. hogan need go!

  • 1919dpg

    i actually enjoyed this past weeks impact. it’s been a while.

    though will somebody tell them that biker gangs aren’t cool. they’re also outdated.

  • Rocky sucks

    Gosh tna is awful