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Thursday’s Impact Rating, Update on TNA’s Ring Ka King and All Wheels Wrestling Projects

– The May 3rd episode of TNA’s Impact Wrestling scored a 0.98 cable rating with 1,400,000 viewers.

– TNA’s All Wheels Wrestling project that was filmed last year was passed on by The Speed Network and handed off to Fuel TV as a potential project for them. Once Fuel brought on their UFC programming, the decision was made that they didn’t want any pro wrestling on the network. AWW is still being shopped around to to other networks.

Regarding the future of Ring Ka King, their status depends on whether Endemol and the Colors Network want to order another season. There have been ongoing discussions about a new season but nothing confirmed yet. There have also been discussions about doing similar seasons locally in other countries.

Source: PWInsider

  • No Name Required

    I watch TNA every week, however I do flip back and forth between it and history because swamp people is the shit.

  • Stockton JOe

    @CC Is a “Jason Mark” anything like a “skidmark?”

  • b c Mitchell

    I take no pleasure in this but RAZOPOWER the stocks at TNA are non existing. TNA is a privately owned company so therefore there aren’t any stocks. WWE is a publicly traded company which is why they have stocks to worry about. If you’re gonna give Jason shit at least be knowledgeable on the matter. For instance, Jason your mother is a whore. A lousy cheap whore bit a whore nonetheless

  • Chris Stone

    10 ways that point out you are a TNA mark

    1. if you actually watch TNA every week.

    2. if you think Stings joker gimmick was a success.

    3. if you agree with everything hulk hogan or kurt angle says on twitter.

    4. if you think Kurt angle aint insane at all and aint on something.

    5. if you think aj styles has good mic skills and good charisma.

    6. if you actually think BFG is a bigger PPV than WM.

    7. if you actually like Mike Tenay’s commentary.

    8. if you think Dixie carter is actually smart.

    9. if you think TNA wont go out of business in the near future.

    10. if you actually think a terrible 0.98 TNA gets is actually a good rating.

    i can go on and on. ok one more and than thats it cause if i continue i can go for days.

    11. if you think Samoa Joe is still relevant.

  • Stockton Joe

    @Jason – the number that MATTERS is not the top-level rankings. The number that matters is the number of viewers watching. The more viewers, the more they can charge for advertising. The point is that the number of viewers TNA attracts is less than syndicated reruns of a sitcom, syndicated reruns of a Network Drama, and just barely more than a cooking show.

    I have NEVER compared ratings or rankings of TNA to WWE, because such comparisons are simply irrelevant. They do not run at the same time or day. They are not in direct competition with each other, and in my opinion the two shows compliment each other rather than compete with each other. Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can’t it be both? Each show will stand or fall on its’ own merits.

    As for “not counting a show/series more than once,” you’re simply wrong. Yes, the ratings systems lump them together at the top level. But each time a show ends, it represents a potential “turning of the dial.” The trend is that people are not watching one episode of a show, then changing the channel.

    One last word about ratings. As I said, the RATINGS are far less important then the actual number of viewers. Since you were the one who brought up WWE, zap2it dot com reports that for the first hour of RAW on 3/30 RAW had 4,991,000 viewers. For the second hour, RAW had 4,768,000 viewers. For the 5/3 IMPACT show, TNA had 1,399,000 viewers. That makes ad time on RAW far more valuable than ad time on IMPACT Wrestling.

  • CC

    I love the way Jason uses the “WWE mark” as an insult, when he is nothing more than a “TNA mark” which is far worse.
    Only thing worse is being a “Jason mark” … which is something else he is.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    “We where still the sixth highest rating/viewership wise program on that night.”

    That’s kind of interesting, considering the week before, TNA wasn’t even listed within the top 20!


  • Jason L

    Oh yeah P.S. I wonder what Scott Steiner is thinking now that the future of Ring Ka King is in doubt since he threw that bit about them recently in one of his rants.

  • Jason L

    @ Reverse Prince Albert

    Agreed but I’ll raise ya a little.

    Don’t ya think Jason should worry more about his “employer” TNA than to post on the internet and blast wrestling fans ?

    “Viewership is key. We where (WERE) still the sixth highest rating/viewership wise program on that night.”

    “Those reruns out draw WWE as well almost every week. nd (AND) I was not wrong because you can’t count one show/series more than once. We where (WERE) number 6 for the night like I said.”

    Man “TNA” should fire this clod. He STILL cannot spell properly in any of his posts.

    I think either a drunk Kurt Angle or the bitter Scott Steiner hacked his posts LOL

  • Reverse prince albert

    Think jason should worry more about TNA then WWE.. what will he be watching in 5 years…

  • Jason

    Those reruns out draw WWE as well almost every week. nd I was not wrong because you can’t count one show/series more than once. We where number 6 for the night like I said.

    1: Swamp People
    2: Big Bang Theory
    3: NCIS
    4: American Dad
    5: Ax Men
    6: TNA Impact

    Bythenumbers even reports it in that order. Nice try though WWE mark

    BTW WWE Smackdown came in 11’th place this past week. I guess since re-runs of NCIS beat that to then the world is coming to an end right?

  • Stockton Joe


    You’re wrong again. Per tvbythenumbers on Zap2it dot com, a sampling of viewership number for May 3rd look like this:

    Show Net Time Viewers

    Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 9:00 PM 1,891,000
    Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 9:30 PM 2,333,000
    Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:00 PM 2,599,000
    Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:30 PM 2,540,000

    Chopped FOOD 9:00 PM 1,096,000
    SWEET GENIUS FOOD 10:00 PM 915,000

    Ax Men HIST 10:00 PM 1,585,000
    Swamp People HIST 9:00 PM 4,223,000

    PAULY D PROJECT SSN 1 MTV 10:30 PM 1,305,000
    PUNKD SSN 9 MTV 10:00 PM 1,262,000

    American Dad ADSM 10:00 PM 1,862,000
    American Dad ADSM 10:30 PM 2,204,000

    NCIS USA 9:00 PM 2,412,000
    NCIS USA 10:00 PM 2,251,000

    If I WERE employed by TNA, I’d be worried about being smoked by re-runs of a sitcom, re-runs of a Network Drama show, just about tied with the programing on MTV, and barely winning more viewers than the Food Network’s offerings.


    JASON , how are the stocks at TNA ? Just wondering.

    Thanks, Razo

  • all american hero

    Hey Jason get down on this dick

  • Jason

    Viewership is key. We where still the sixth highest rating/viewership wise program on that night.

    TNA has began the new breed era so of course the ratings will be down a bit. They are with WWE as well. Pro wrestling all together is down at the moment.

  • Mongo

    and queue Jason with the comment of “the dirt sheets don’t know anything they are all wrong i know the truth i work for TNA and own a wrestling company and know the business inside and out and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah” Ok may he doesnt say that many blahs but you get my point.

  • blue4everd

    @Narf OH GAWD!! Everytime I watch The Squidbullies, I feel like I need to take a shower..o_O

  • Stockton Joe

    Actually, tvbythenumbers on Zap2it dot com had it at .5 with 1,399,000 viewers age 18-49. Although to be fair, they were up against the NBA playoffs and the NHL semifinals. But that doesn’t explain why “The Pauly D Project,” “Squidbillies,” and “Aqua Teen Hungerforce” all had equal or higher ratings than TNA.

  • fivo goes west

    Damn Jason a .98

    What’s up with that?