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Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Viewership

– Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode averaged 1.05 million viewers. Impact’s audience dropped 17% from last week’s average of 1.27 million viewers. It was the fewest viewers of the year and the closest TNA has come to falling below one million viewers since the Monday Night experiment in Spring 2010.

  • Pewp

    The stupid Joe Park/Abyss angle, and the D-Lo Brown angle are contributing to that, so are the lame Knockouts matches and the stupid “Wrestlecrap” such as Rob Terry vs Robbie E, not using Matt Morgan as a dominant monster “Bodyguard” of Aces and Eights, not using DOC & Mike Knox as a monster tag team and having Sting and Bully Ray do the same gimmick Sting has with every heel champion. The list goes on and on and on.

    Having D-Von not defend the TV title, not having Aces and Eights members get more matches and have less time being portrayed as loud hillbilly drunks who got kicked out of a cheap strip club.