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Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling Draws Lowest Viewership In Years

– Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling, in the new 9pm timeslot, scored a 0.83 cable TV rating while averaging 1.06 million viewers.

Viewers were down 26% from last week’s live episode, which scored a 1.07 rating and averaged 1.38 million viewers.

This was TNA’s least viewed Impact episode in over three years since the Monday night experiment.

  • Erik Kessler

    pro wrestling used to be alot better of product. in 90’s u had hardcore wrestling in heyman ecw, wwf wcw as top 2 competion. i wish wwe would hired better writers. who know business. not lame comedy late night skits writers. there is alot ex wrestlers at home. would rather have hbk shawn micheals as head writer of raw than stephine who does bad job. divas 2 min matches are getting on my nerves!

  • Dave

    So TNA posts its lowest viewing figures almost at the same time as WWE posts equally depressing viewing figures.
    So since everyone is struggling. How do we revitalise the industry?