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Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling Rating Down, Competition from The NFL

– Thursday’s go-home episode of TNA’s Impact Wrestling scored a 1.22 cable rating with 1.7 million viewers. This is down from the previous week’s 1.29 rating but about the same with viewership.

Impact Wrestling was ranked #22 in viewership on Thursday night on cable. Impact also ranked #10 among the Males 18-49 demographic, the first top 10 placement in a few weeks for TNA.

In comparison, the return of NFL on Thursday nights on the NFL Network drew 5.2 million viewers.

  • Vic

    How bout them Raiders indeed. #1 in the AFC WEST!!! Carson Palmer looked awesome while Philip Rivers looked like shit hahahaha.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    There is always an excuse when Total No Action ratings drop but it has nothing to do with the show being horrible or that they get under 8mins of wrestling in, of course not…

    TNA – Where wrestling matters.

  • Eric Nixon

    We HAVE to get #TNAwful to be a thing on twitter. I’m also a fan of #TNAHatesTheirFans

  • venom

    I only watch TNA when I am hammered drunk on Thursday nights.

  • ironcross

    TNAs rating would go down after giving free PPVS every week #TNAwful

  • BlaH

    how bout dem Raiders?!
    Carson Palmer,son!!!!

    the Chargers usually stick up the place early then turn it around in
    the 2nd half of the season. Their doing it the other way aroynd this year.