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Time Off for Matt Hardy, Paul Heyman Speaks on TNA, Re-branding News

– While TNA is currently pushing themselves hard as Impact Wrestling, the company is still officially TNA Wrestling and their parent company is still TNA Entertainment. TNA still exists, they are just focusing on re-branding themselves as Impact Wrestling right now.

– Matt Hardy wrote the following on Twitter last night: “Between dates, injuries, & outside issues, I’m gonna have a few week off & I’m ecstatic! The Matt Hardy Movement is going into full effect!”

– Below is a new interview with Paul Heyman where he talks about what he would have done with TNA and more:

  • Nicholas G

    Well don’t know if Paul Heyman would help TNA out one bit. To me he is very overrated on the internet an the internet are his only fans. But in the mainstream I feel he is not well like which is why ECW was not as big as it could have been. To me Paul had some great ideas just never knew how to market his company or his wrestler which is why ECW went out of business. I mean Paul had a great eye for talent but as for marketing not so much. What I think TNA needs is a nice young new fresh guy to run TNA. Somebody that is new to the wrestling business an has fresh new idea. Because to me if Eric Bishoff and Hogan not going to work what makes people think Paul Heyman is going to do that much better. Just think the best guy to run TNA is somebody new or somebody like Shane O Mac who I would love to see buy out TNA an take it over. Because Shane not in WWE would be the best fit for TNA an Pro Wrestling.

  • venom

    Matt Hardy is going to enjoy those grapes on his days off.

  • CC

    I’m split on Pauls opinion because some of what he says makes sense, but some of it is totally ridiculous, and completely the opposite of how he has run his business in the past.
    He was all for signing legends to ECW as well as young guys, and it worked fine. What didnt work fine was his financials. This is why his statement of not being round something that fails hurting his rep is ridiculous as ECW failed because Paul is a great promoter but a lousy business man.

    TNA with one legend and a load of young unknown talent would not work as it would take too long for people to warm to characters because they dont know them and there is nobody legitimate to get them over.
    I fully agree that the older guys need to go, but some of the “name” guys from WWE are needed because they are the guys who will help bring in customers with name recognition, and then will be the guys who help get the younger guys over.
    Samoa Joe and AJ Styles might be well known on the indy circuit and with fans more engrossed in wrestling, but they are still unknowns to many WWE fans. To gain new viewers, TNA needs to capture some of those people that think WWE is the only wrestling company, and what will capture them is to give them some names they know.
    Names like RVD, Kennedy and even Jeff Hardy are fine, as are Team 3D and Ric Flair. But some of the mid carders they sign are worthless. They were not popular in WWE and they are not popular in TNA.

    Also, you just know that despite all his claims, Paul would be the first one to keep or sign the likes of Dreamer, Team 3D, Sabu and Foley.

    TNA needs some big names, not just one. How many unknowns could a guy like Flair or Sting help put over on their own?

  • Treg

    Paul’s a smart guy.

  • Camille

    Not Cold Blood Matt Hardy! First CM Punk is quitting and now THIS? DAMN IT ALL!

  • Sexton Hardcastle


    OH MY GOD! that just made my day bro, nice one.

    I aint sayin, im just sayin

  • The Killswitch

    @Marky Mark-“NAW” is what I say when I’m about to change the channel, which is usually what I do when I watch TNA anyway.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Styles will never get better… If anything he has gone backwards and gotten lazy, if you watch his old stuff compared to now.

  • Marky Mark

    Impact Wrestling is such a sorry ass name, i’m sorry. They should have just called it Non-Stop Action Wrestling, NAW for short. Take out the T and you get rid of that stupid T and N innuendo.

  • Gary

    to be honest, i wish paul would stfu, i agree with him 100% but this is like the 3rd maybe 4th time he has releashed something like this… Get over it bro, TNA doesnt like what you have to say and didnt give you the money or the ownership u wanted…Just go make your own company again and put your ideas in that promotion, then bam we will have another company, that might be good

  • ICE

    if TNA just kept Sting and Angle as their only 2 legends it would be so much better, Angle can still put on a good match and Sting is still marketable

  • Jon

    100% right. Can’t work with a bunch of legends. Listen Dixie

  • Kawika

    Like him or hate him he knows the businnes and what he is talking about. TNA lost out when they didn’t get him.