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Title Change at WWE HIAC, Ron Simmons Appears, WWE-ATL

– WWE RAW will return to the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on February 4th, 2013. Tickets go on sale Saturday, December 15th.

– At Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, Big Show defeated Sheamus to capture the World Heavyweight Title.

– Also at Hell In a Cell, Ron Simmons made his WWE return in a backstage segment featuring Zack Ryder dressed up as Eve Torres, and Santino Marella dressed as “lady go-go-gaga.”

  • Best In The World

    Match of the night last night was Big Show vs Sheamus

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Why do they call it hell in a cell when theres only 1 hell in a cell match where (they barely even used the cell, only after the match they utilized it) the ending was a complete disappointment? If they knew they didnt want CM Punk to lose the title and Ryback to remain undefeated why even push Ryback to face CM Punk? What was the purpose of the feud? Why not push another superstar who can take a loss but help that person further their career? its not like Ryback is the only person who can replace John Cena.

    What I don’t get is where are all those people from IWC who hated “superstars” that didn’t do anything to deserve the main event position? Remember way back about 2-3 years ago when people were upset about the wrestlers (Mason Ryan) who were in the main event scene and they demanded that other superstars who deserved it be pushed to the main event such as The Miz, Ziggler, Zac Ryder and Kingston? Good thing some of them have. So I ask what has Ryback done to deserve this main even position? he hasnt had an actual fued, spoke on the mic, win the US title, win the IC title, a relevant storyline or win anything that gives him credibility. Sure he fought the Miz in a very short lived fued but that wasn’t really anything.

    I can’t believe that this guy has all these legends and people are talking about him as if he is the next big thing. We havent seen anything from him other than his squash matches, don’t even know if he can draw PPV buys. At least Goldberg worked his way up winning the US title first and then winning the WCW Championship from Hogan.
    To me hes just a repackaged Mason Ryan who has slightly better in ring skills, with only one catch phrase… The guy hasn’t even cut a promo… (maybe hes capabale but its still yet to be seen on RAW other than NXT and his indy circuits)

    My point is Ryback didn’t earn his way to that main event position, it was given to him because, just like CM Punk and all of us use to say, hes only in the main even position cause Vince has a hard-on for body building type of guys (IE Mason Ryan).

  • Men on a Mission

    Hmm, I wonder what Ron Simmons had to say…?