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Title Match Announced For Raw, SmackDown Draws Lowest Rating Of 2011

— The official Twitter account of WWE Magazine announced that the Divas Championship will be on the line in the first match of tonight’s “Power to the People” edition of Monday Night Raw.

Brie Bella will defend her title against (A) Eve, (B) Kelly Kelly, or (C) Beth Phoenix. Viewers can vote by texting A, B or C to 46993. Standard texting rates apply.

— The June 17 episode of WWE SmackDown scored a 1.71 cable rating, down from 1.77 the prior two weeks.

SmackDown averaged 2.71 million viewers, approximately the same as the previous week. This extends the program’s streak of less than 3.0 million viewers to seven consecutive weeks.

It is the lowest rated episode of 2011. The previous low was set on May 6 with a 1.73 cable rating.

— John Cena and The Rock are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

  • Without Randy SD be boring, Cena should move to SD, and randy should re-become a tweener.

  • Teran

    Also Elizabeth likes Orton because she wants some Viper in her.

  • Teran

    It’s funny because when Kane and Edge were enjoying their reigns on SD, and RAW was generally just a Cena and Orton fest, I actually preferred it.

    Then they stripped SD down, took away people like ADR, stripped Christian of the title, and now they buried the entire Christian hype completely.

    I’m not saying I know how to book angles and shows and keep things entertaining for sustained periods, but come the fuck on, for the past few months WWE has just been nosediving.

    Truth had such amazing momentum, but it just got killed. Why does this shit have to keep happening?

    Oh right, because apparently Cena and Orton as champ are massive draws, hmmm


    Maybe they are, but stagnation is not a draw, even Little Jimmy isn’t gonna tune in when he’s not really expecting much of surprise.

  • Elizabeth

    Randy draws me hes the only reason I not the Elizabeth above.

  • Elizabeth

    1st It’s friday so ppl go out nd party 2nd yuh dont have good heels 3rd thin roster 4th Randy doesn’t draw too much huh?? not like Edge

  • @CM sucks your name says enough about you and your opinion


    i agree with ryan but highly disagree with scooters bitch ass

  • Ryan

    it also doesnt help that smackdown is on a friday night. i would watch, but come on… it’s a friday night!

  • Jheez Smackdown is slowly going downhill n i think they shud just get rid of it n put both brands together n have a 4 hour show every week, but WWE are too thick to relise that

  • scooter

    Alright I’ll say it Orton doesn’t draw!

  • Jimbo

    I guess that “vocal minority” that JR was talking about (in regards to Christian) wasn’t so minor after all.

  • Snark Mark

    The SD! ratings don’t surprise. I’ve been watching the show since it’s debut, but recently I find myself skipping chunks of episodes at a time. Though I enjoy Randy and Christian, the rest of the roster seems really thin. Too thin to carry a 2hr program.