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Title Match on Next Week’s SmackDown, WWE Diva Debuts, Khali & Mahal

– The Great Khali turned on Ranjin Singh during last night’s SmackDown, laying him out with the Vise Grip. Khali has turned heel and formed a tag team with Jinder Mahal.

– Former WWE NXT Diva AJ Lee made her SmackDown debut last night, teaming with Kaitlyn to lose to the team of Tamina and Alicia Fox. WWE has already added AJ to the SmackDown roster page.

– Sheamus is the new #1 contender to Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Title after defeating Christian and Mark Henry in a triple threat on last night’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

WWE notes that Sheamus will get his title shot on next week’s SmackDown, not the Capitol Punishment pay-per-view.


    guess jinder mahal’s got mic skills…..

    push him vince iddiot

    turn that gay cena heel and fire that super orton

    khali deserves to get a world title shot more than that Mark ‘Shittin on the Bed’ Henry

    vince u still suck

    make christian world champ

  • TG

    Sheamus is steadily improving his promos and mic skills have gotten a lot better. The wrestling part was never bad but again the promos I’m loving. On smackdown this past week he said Mark Henry hasn’t been relevant since Clinton was in office

  • d

    @ sam peters the new nexus won the tag titles on raw
    and i agree it will be a triple threat match as by the way smackdown ended you have to think christian is going to blame randy orton for costing him the match i think christian gets involved in the title match next week setting up the triple threat

  • Camille


    Hopefully not. A Triple Threat would be awesome as both Sheamus and Christian are great competitors. Mark Henry shits the bed every time hes in the ring.

  • venom

    Yea, I think it will be a Four way for the title at Capitol Punishment.

  • Wayne Rio

    Jinder Mahal And The Great Khali Can Go Far Now. I Want Sheamus To Win The World Title Next Week But I Know It Won’t Happen. @Sam Peters Big Show Lost The Tag Titles On Monday To Nexus.

  • Sam Peters

    Which means it will be Orton vs Christian vs Sheamus at Capitol Punishment…and maybe Mark Henry thrown into it aswell

    and also as Big Show is injured…i could see a tag team gauntlet happening with Khali and Mahal winning the tag titles