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Two Title Changes At No Surrender, Bound for Glory Series Winner Crowned

Two title changes took place tonight at No Surrender as Winter regained the Women’s Knockout Championship from Mickie James while Austin Aries beat Brian Kendrick to capture the X Division Championship.

The title changes were forewarned prior to the event as a match line-up for the Sept. 23 TNA live event in Springfield, Illinois listed Aries as the X Division Champion and Winter as the Women’s Knockouts Champion.

Robert Roode defeated Bully Ray via pinfall to win the Bound for Glory Series and earn a match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship next month at Bound for Glory. Roode beat Gunner via submission earlier in the show, tying Bully Ray’s 52-point total—Ray beat James Storm in the second match of the event. This set up the tiebreaker match between Roode and Ray.

  • elvisD

    I agree! But I’m pretty sure tna will messs it up, bring them to the top, make people love them, then lose them in the shuffle again, I’d like to see Roode vs Storm, especially the jealousy angle, good stuff

  • The Fork on the left

    Roode face, Storm Heel, Perfect match

  • shawn

    its good that roode won the series. i thought it was going to be crimson who was at #1 not long ago.

  • Automattic

    @!? Storm is definitely a great talent. I just hope TNA doesn’t misuse either one in the future. There’s enough room at the top for both of them right now. Angle and Sting are about the only guys in the title picture. I know Anderson is there too, but he’s been moved around the card, I just don’t think they’ve done a good enough job of making him seem like a legitimate contender. So with Angle and Sting being up there, it give TNA a good chance to build, if they’ll take it. Both Roode and Storm have a good amount of credibility, they could help boost the upper card.

  • !?

    James Storm > Robert Roode IMO.

  • Automattic

    @elvisD I think TNA dropped the ball on both Immortal and Fortune. Both could’ve been strong factions, with a good rivalry between them. Oh well.

    Good to see Roode get his big shot after so long. Hopefully they build his feud with Angle well, it could really make his career. It would be a shame to see him lose to Angle, go with the inevitable feud against Storm, then just get stuck back into Mid-Card Hell. If they want to build that one, give Roode a proper title run so Storm can have the jealousy build up.

  • elvisD

    Bout time Aries won the strap, as for Roode, good job, like Gunner but not now, too early to say what he can become, Storm is only good with Roode, and with the chance to become champ, he doesn’t need Storm, or Fortune, I think Fortune will fold anyways, AJ vs Daniels, evventually Roode vs. Storm, and where the hell is Kazarian? Too bad!! I thought Fortune was pretty cool, the story line people suck and didn’t do their job on that one, could of been bigger than most factions, just saying, I may be wrong