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Tito Santana Explains Why He Didn’t Join WCW, This Week’s “Superstars”, Brodus Clay

– Unlike most WWF wrestlers of the 1980s, Tito Santana never joined WCW as a full-time performer. Speaking to The Wrestler (magazine available at, Santana explained why he he never gave any serious thought to joining the former Atlanta-based league after leaving the WWF in 1993.

“No, no, because going to WCW, I’d have to be away from home and on the road again,” said Santana, who to this day continues to compete at independent events. “Once I left the WWF, I had no desire to be on the road.”

Santana also revealed that he parted ways with the WWF due to management opting not promote his “El Matador” persona.

“[WWF] decided not to go to Spain, Mexico, and South America, and that was the end of Tito Santana,” said Santana. “I called the merchandising department. I wanted to know how they were going to merchandise El Matador. They didn’t have any merchandise planned. I told my wife that if they weren’t going to do anything with me, then I should hang it up.”

– Due to timing constraints, no WWE Superstars matches were taped at Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s television tapings. Instead, this week’s episode features Raw’s best moments of 2012 – including the Slammys, The Rock concert vs. John Cena’s rap and the Brock Lesnar’s return. Highlights from the episode are available here.

– According to, Brodus Clay, Naomi and Cameron will appear at Fry’s Electronics Store 6845 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada, on Monday, January 28, 2013 beginning at noon. Call 702-932-1400 for more information.

  • Pig

    Tito was best in GCW. He got the push there and made the best of his persona. The WWF did nothing more with him.

    In a sense, he did WCW before it was named.

  • Preacher

    I never thought he was that great…El Matador was actually kind of boring…seemed like a cool guy though

  • yofitz

    “Tito Santana is a mexican. He’s okay.
    Better than nothing” ~ The Iron Sheik.

  • manee

    Tito always seemed like a classy guy