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TMZ Calls Shawn Michaels an “Animal Killing Machine”

– TMZ featured a new article today on Shawn Michaels’ hunting show that debuts later this month on the Outdoor Channel. Here’s what they wrote in the article where they called him an “animal killing machine”:

The show is called “Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures” — premiering next month on the Outdoor Channel — but according to the show’s rep, Shawn ain’t just hunting for sport … the guy actually EATS everything he kills.

We also spoke to Michaels himself, who tells us, “I am a Christian, I am an American, I am a family man, and I am a predator, and MacMillan River Adventures will allow my long-time fans and newfound friends to see what really makes Shawn Michaels the man that he is today.”

** Disclaimer: Animals were definitely harmed during the production of this show **

  • venom

    Get em’ HBK!!!!

  • RatedHHH

    Keylo, i can’t believe you cause HBK is a christian you hate? First of all he acts as he wishes and he wanted to put part of his out of ring personality into his in ring character there is nothing wrong with that. If he didnt want to be a part of certain skits due to women who would usually be scandidally clothed then thats his choice. Just because im not christian doesn’t mean im going to hate the best wrestler ever cause he is. Your clearly still an inmature child who needs to grow up.

  • Center

    Poor concept for a show. Like HBK, but this plan is not a winner.

  • Humper!

    Wow since when is it wrong to kill a deer, bird or fish. btw, both tmz and micheals are awsome

  • adam tarasievich

    tmz is freaking out and calling him that because harvey levin is a vegitarian i think and he probably thinks this is the worse thing in the world.

  • cheesehandler

    @Tom… Just Tom — “since the first caveman speared a fish.” …that lines a fuckin classic ha haa

  • kurt angle

    who fucking cares

  • jim

    TMZ is nothing but a bunch of liberal tree hugging gay lovers..they believe in abortion but hunting is so wrong.

  • Big T

    In the Bible, Torah, and Kuran animals are killed in the most violent of ways as sacrifices so don’t preach to us you ignorant pansy!

  • Tom… Just Tom

    keylo… chill out man!! The guy has every right to speak about his faith as long as he isn’t preaching. As far as hunting is concerned, it isn’t like any person in the Bible didn’t hunt or fish for their food. Hunting has been a part of society since the first caveman speared a fish.

  • Adrian

    So? It’s a dog eat dog world. Animals eat animals all the time. And if Shawn is all high and mighty on his fairy tales, Let him be. To each their own.

  • keylo

    Date: Jun 17, 2011 at 1:13 PM

    Oh please, to the people “Lost respect for Shawn” Just piss off. If you’ve ever eaten any kind of meat. And I can about guarantee you have. You have absolutely no room to talk.

    The difference with us and him is we dont go ramming it down people’s throats how we love god blah fuckin blah and then go kill his creatures and this the prick when he went back as DX with HHH REFUSE TO DO CERTAIN PROMOS WITH WOMEN AND SUCH BECAUSE IT WOULD OFFEND GOD

  • ICE

    shawn michaels is a better predator than orton 🙂

  • cheesehandler

    where the fuck is the like button…pass some of that shit here shawn

  • John Cheesa

    Upon further review, they DID call him an animal killing machine. I, like Bill, think this was done in jest. Also, I see nothing wrong with him hunting for food. Adrian is absolutely right in his statements. At least Shawn isn’t torturing animals. Watch “Animal Cops” on Animal Planet. What the people on this show do to their pets is ridiculous. Better yet, watch lions hunt their prey on Discovery channel. Do you lose respect for lions? Shawn’s not, in my book, doing anything wrong.

  • Bill

    Guys, I think TMZ was joking but W-E apparently didn’t think they were. Oh well…. I’d like to see HBK superkick a few bears on TV…

  • BuckieKid

    this post is crap

  • haha

    if your a meat eater u shouldn’t complain they are getting meat for us to eat unless u wanna stay a veggie

  • shawn

    i didnt see the the news but the “animal killing machine” comment was probably intended to have viewers veer away from his show for whatever reason and have discontempt for HBK. but they might of said it in a false manner of praise. gotta love that kinda stuff.

  • Symbiote

    if he’s eating what he kills I don’t see the big deal. It’s people that just hunt for sport that sicken me!

  • Adrian

    Oh please, to the people “Lost respect for Shawn” Just piss off. If you’ve ever eaten any kind of meat. And I can about guarantee you have. You have absolutely no room to talk.

  • king

    It’s not even that serious… people have always killed animals… It’s not liek he is going to be hunting nothing but Deer,some birds and Fish anyway

  • the truth

    We eat meat that is killed in the most brutal of ways. So while we may not be the ones killing the animals, by eating them shows that we support it. Leave Shawn alone.

  • kmfkt

    maybe you should read the whole article…

  • Buttercastle

    Welp I’m not a fan of the whole animal hunting game so loss of respect for Mr. Michaels.

  • chuck

    i dont know why tmz is pointing fingers if thats what they are intending here. but im sure that the people who work there when they go to kfc for lunch they dont call the employees there animal killing machines. i just always thought of tmz as tv for people with low IQs

  • John Cheesa

    I don’t see anywhere in this post that they called him an “animal killing machine.”