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TMZ Posts Follow-up On Kevin Nash Arrest Story

TMZ published a follow-up report on Kevin Nash recently being arrested on suspicion of battery following an altercation with an adult male outside of a Florida restaurant.

The original report from TMZ said that a man approached Nash’s wife and became aggressive, leading to Nash taking the man down to the ground. Police were called to the scene and they arrested Nash on suspicion of battery, a charge that has since been dropped due to lack of evidence.

The follow-up report features Nash’s side of the story, who insists he only acted in self-defense because the drunkard came after him with a beer bottle.

Nash said earlier on Twitter, “Guy with tattoo’s always gets arrested.”

  • venom

    Seriously, how many more times is this going to get posted. This is the thrid time. We all know now.

  • edo.risk

    He shoud JackNife the asshole!

  • Mike

    Mark i couldn’t agree with you more. He’s had some trouble in the past and still people think he is a bad person. I guess its bad to protect your wife these days from weirdos. Good job cops

  • Seth

    Looks that way from here as well.

  • mark

    Sounds like he was protecting his wife from an idiot