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TMZ Reporter Says Kharma Has Been Released By WWE

Amidst rumors that WWE released Kharma after their official Twitter feed moved her profile to its list of Alumni on Thursday, reporter Ryan Satin says she has been let go by the sports entertainment organization.

He stated on Twitter Thursday evening, “A source close to Kharma tells me the rumors are true and she was indeed released from WWE today. Dumbest WWE release in SOOO LONG!!!”

The accomplished grappler addressed rumors of her WWE demise via Twitter earlier, writing, “Getting a flood of dm’s. I guess the cat’s out of the bag. Yes. I have been officially promoted to the alumni section of the WWE roster.”

Her profile, however, remains listed in the Raw talent index on

Kharma, whose real name is Kia Michelle Stevens, signed a contract with WWE in December of 2010 and made her debut on May 1, 2011 at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view as she decimated Michelle McCool. Weeks later, Kharma spoke for the first time on television to reveal she was pregnant and thus forced to take a leave of absence from the organization. Stevens made a surprise return in January as the twenty-first entrant in the Royal Rumble Match and subsequently announced to that she had given birth to a baby boy named Jamie on December 31, 2011. She then admitted in March that the child died before she could give birth and had lied due to her emotional state at the time.

  • sam mccourt

    @19 nice comebacks, unfortunately they’re what a 12 year old might use and i think that she can have a baby whenever she wants she has rights

  • 19’sALoser

    If you knew anything about the situation, and your arrogance shows that you don’t, you’d know that she was trying to get pregnant for a year or more. When it wasn’t happening, she decided to go back to wrestling. Well this happens more often than you small mind thinks. A woman tries to get pregnant, it doesn’t happen, so she focuses her mind on something else and within a few months it happens. Too bad your mother didn’t use the morning after pill, then again, she probably couldn’t afford it.

  • sam mccourt

    @19 what if she wanted the baby, are people not allowed a family now?

  • 19

    she should have never gotten pregnant in the first place. she finally got her opportunity in wwe and she goes on and gets pregnant.

    there’s a thing called the morning after pill.

  • Capt. Lou Albino

    ^ Maybe this is a sign they are not going to tru and push the division any longer. The matches are ratings killers and there have been rumors of more divas being released in the near future. Just a thought.

  • sam

    if the WWE wanted to reform the divas division then they have taken one huge step to screwing that up

  • Allen

    If WWE lets her go…I’m SO done with WWE! We have ALL suffered these last few years with the crappy product WWE has put out. They don’t care about wrestling anymore. It’s all “Entertainment”. Except, it’s NOT entertaining. WWE has had chance after chance to make things great. But, they fail to do that. They only want “sexy” models on their shows. But, then they don’t even allow anything sexy with their PG rating. It’s time we show how ridiculously annoyed and dissapointed we are. It’s time for Vince McMahon to step down and allow Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to take over. Until then, I have NO hope for WWE to become as great as it once was.

  • SYM

    @A WET NAPKIN that girl was ant in a wig

  • Damien Phoenix

    If it is true, than it seems to me like she’s not fully ready to get back in the ring yet. I’m sure she’ll be allowed to come back at anytime though.

  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    I still say this is a WORK!!! WWE is fooling ya’ll ass big time. They are preparing her 4 a bigger return if not the 1000 episode but at a PPV. People have suspected this 4 weeks now so they (WWE) probably changed plans. Think about why invest so much into someone and release them all of sudden.

  • Nick Kidd

    The things this woman has went threw, and than to be released, if this is true, my respect for the WWE has been cut in half, if not more. Fire a talant that was seen as perfect before she left to have a child, to only than lose that child, and still while in stuggle with her emotions, to come back in the rumble. That is low by the WWE, and I am a supporter of WWE, but in this Case simply, No.


    So I’m skyping with this girl and she’s on the phone and I’m happy to see her face even if she’s busy ignoring me <3

  • Nick Kidd

    ^ that would have been a perfect way to bring her back.

  • Nick Kidd

    I swear if this is true, this sucks. They could have had her destory AJ once her current storyline gets dry and boring, and say something like ” you want attention? well you’ve got some “

  • ant


  • Logan

    If it is true, then DAMN! Big mistake WWE I wonder if it’s because she could actually wrestle.

  • King

    so long fat ass…thank god. good riddance…now we can have better talent like sara del ray & others =)