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TMZ Reports More Details on the Chris Jericho Flag Incident from Brazil

– TMZ has picked up on the Chris Jericho incident in Brazil where he desecrated the Brazilian flag. As noted before, WWE has suspended Jericho indefinitely.

We noted earlier that during Jericho’s match with CM Punk, a referee came down and interrupted. Jericho was forced to make an apology to the fans before the match was re-started. The match was actually stopped by police. Jericho was informed that desecrating the national flag is a crime, punishable by incarceration.

Jericho was given an option – apologize to the fans or go to jail. Jericho apologized and the match was finished. Jericho was hurried to the back where police were waiting to speak to him. Cooler heads prevailed and Jericho was not arrested. WWE rushed him to the airport and out of the country, then announcing his suspension.

TMZ’s sources report that the flag incident was not planned or approved by WWE officials.

  • voice of reason

    looks like the dislike fairy has popped in.

  • voice of reason

    jericho has & always will be a whiner even back to his wcw days if jericho doesnt get his own way then he is prone to throwing some right royal tantrums.

    now if i went to another country i wouldnt disrespect their national anthem or emblem it may get me into a whole heap of shit.

    what jericho did was wrong but it isnt out of charecter knowing his level of maturity.

  • Starship Pain


    No. I’ve read somewhere (i can’t remember where) that making Nazi gestures in Germany as entertainment is legal. ONLY IN ENTERTAINMENT.

    Damn, JBL wasn’t suspended. he even earned the boss’ approval and because of making so much heat with the goosesteps he earned a WWE title run. Really.

  • aaron

    Didn’t HBK put the Canadian flag up his nose?

  • TwiztidRoman

    I was thinking the same thing Zach

  • Charles Spears

    if he did that in the us, he wouldn’t be facing any trouble at all due to the first admendment.

  • SusyRko


  • Wellsy


    I’d hardly say breaking the law is owning the crowd (not saying he realised he was doing this!). It’s easy to get that kind of heat. He could have just slapped a kid in the face on the way in.

  • cakes

    all this does is prove how great of a heel jericho truly is… no heel can own the crowd the way jericho does… his heat got him banned from a country lol

  • Fred

    JBL goosestepping in Germany was much worse. Does anyone know if he was suspended for that?

  • Buttercastle

    Jericho was merely clearing the ring of outside foreign objects so it could be a clean match. Plus wouldn’t THROWING the flag into the ring in the first place be considered desecrating it also?

  • OGitchida

    so Jericho has to go cuz of a damn dumb brazilian giving Punk the flag…..

  • caNjura

    @MJ: Fans threw it into the ring, CM Punk waved it around, and Jericho snatched it away and kicked it. Thats what I’ve read anyways.

  • jeff

    Oh snap!! Good one wwe

  • MJ

    Who brought the flag in the ring to begin with?

  • Zach D

    If I hear the term “Cool Heads Prevailed” again, I’m going to get angry.