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TMZ Reports on Kharma’s WWE Departure, Possible Reality Show

– Following her recent release from WWE, former WWE talent Kharma is working hard to get back into shape with hopes of jump-starting her wrestling career. is reporting that Kharma “fell into a deep depression” after suffering a miscarriage last year and put on so much weight that she was unable to return to WWE. Kharma told TMZ that she put on so much weight during the pregnancy that it could have contributed to the tragedy.

Kharma says she is now motivated to get back into ring shape and has hired a team of therapists and fitness experts to help her achieve her goal.

Kharma has been in touch with multiple production companies to document her experience getting back in shape and returning to the spotlight with hopes of landing a TV deal and using the footage for a reality show.

  • MaxSimi

    Kharma didn’t even get her big moment in WWE. I think she can become a great in women’s wrestling. She derseves a second chance like everybody else. Can’t wait to see what she does next!

  • rko

    The only reality show this mega cow should be appearing on is something on national geographic.

  • SYM

    Theres alot of sick people on this site who try to be funny, but end up looking like asses. I hope Awesome Kong picks herself back up and makes a IMPACT.

  • voice of reason

    @ themark your a sick little fucker aren’t ya, grow the fuck up you sick & twisted little worm of a person.

  • Jimbo


    Exactly. She didn’t do anything. They basically paid her to get knocked up. Can’t blame either side for wanting to move on.

  • Bill

    I still can’t believe she was released. She didn’t get to really do anything. Let’s hope she comes back.

  • KingAlbert

    blame the baby for being fat, blame anything but diet and being lazy.

  • theMark

    she would’ve weighed about 5 more lbs with that dead fetus of a baby still inside her

  • yofits

    she is a fat cow.
    black cow.

  • Shawn

    Kharma could lose 100lbs and still be a big, intimidating Diva. Health should be above all else in her decision. Don’t be afraid about losing your look… be concerned about being healthy and all other things will fall into place. I said the same thing about Mark Henry during his title run last year. His trademark is being huge, but he doesn’t have to be obese. I heard he lost over 50lbs and was planning on losing a little more before returning. I guarantee he will still look crazy big, but will be much healthier. While I’m at it…. Brodus Clay…. take note…. PLEASE! You could lose 150lbs and still be the Funkasaurus.

  • peelohero

    She is a beast and will be missed.

  • Tha don

    I hope she wins the royal rumble.

  • Albert

    I wish her luck, and just maybe we might see her return in time for Royal Rumble 2013 or at least Wrestle mania 29 🙂

  • Hasan

    LOL! Further more weight?